Crone's Crowning/Wise Blood Woman Ceremony

CRONE'S CROWNING/WISE BLOOD WOMAN CEREMONY: Honoring of post menopausal women.

Crone's CrowningThe Crone's Crowning ceremony is designed to acknowledge the contributions of womyn as they pass from their mooning years into their Wise Blood Womyn years. This is the time where  womyn begin to be connected more globally. It is when we reflect on the contributions we have made and prepare to assert our energy in the direction of what we wish to leave behind for future generations. When our blood no longer flows each month, the power of this life sustaining part of a womyn begins to swell and be expressed on an energetic level. We are the life givers and our essence feeds the planet and nurtures Mother Earth. We continue to be aware of the way that we cycle with the Moon and become a part of the ebb and flow of something much larger than ourselves and our immediate family.

The dominant culture diminishes the value of the input of our elders. This throws off the balance of the Earth in many ways. The message that we are dried up and discarded is prevalent in our culture. The Crone's Crowning is being reinstated to help womyn step into this powerful and important transition with a sense of their own worth. The ceremony can be preformed thirteen moons after a womyn's last menses no matter what her age. It can be performed any time there after and can be done on more than one occasion. It can be public, or very private but there needs to be at least one witness.

The ceremony itself is pretty simple. The womyn being crowned has a sponsor. It can be a man, womyn or child. That is the person who will present her and speak about her contributions to their life and the community. Then anyone else in the group can offer their thoughts. Similar to what people do at memorial services, accept the womyn gets to take in all of the acknowledgement for what she brings to others. It is a very powerful experience and for some, a little overwhelming. I think it is really important to do it though as it strengthens our ability as womyn to receive back and stand in our power. It doesn't have to be serious. People can tell silly antidotal stories as well. People offering stories should realize it is done to honor the womyn and make her feel good about herself.

Then, the womyn being crowned has a chance to speak about her intentions for the later half of her life. What she hopes to accomplish, what she would like to express about her beliefs and the values she wants to live on beyond her. She can also express her appreciation for her loved ones. She then enters an arbor where she prays silently or out loud and asks for assistance from the Spirit world to help her make this transition in life. Everyone present holds space without setting any particular prayers. Just being present energetically. When she is finished I anoint her with magnolia oil and any other plant medicines that are her allies and a crown is placed on her head. Then she exits the arbor to the North where she is greeted with hugs and well wishes by all the other non mooning womyn. Afterwards we do a dance or feast to celebrate.

It does not need to be elaborate and I am open to tailoring the ceremony to fit each individual situation. Any ceremony that I offer is done on a gratitude blessing basis (donation). I accept money, but have also been paid in raspberries, stones, socks and honey:) I am not attached to that part so whatever you feel in your heart. It is good to give something because it completes the circle of giving and receiving.