Solar eclipse
Solar eclipse

With all the hype of 2012 behind us, what lies ahead? I experienced a little let down after the Solstice and, as always, with a dip in my mood a clearing followed. Not a cold, although I sounded bad, just the releasing of that sticky mucous-y disappointment. My despair was not about a “sudden, global catastrophe failing to transpire,” but about a lack of unification and cohesiveness among the light workers to create critical mass. It is my belief that this time is about approaching a zero point, a portal to go through. Like watching the eclipse that was 72 minutes long, the actual time that the moon was in the center and the sun was eclipsed was 7 minutes. There was something magical about being in that darkened light and playing with our distorted shadows. It takes 36 years to traverse the center of our galaxy.

I liken the next 3 decades to that opportunity to become enlightened. To lighten up, celebrate and rejoice in the ushering in of each body part of this new earth being born. Abundance generated by emerging systems, divergent creativity at the heart of education, sustainable free energy and water for every human being, fresh living food, justice and peace prevailing and health care based on wellness. She is just crowning with potential and it is time for all of us to become tuned in and aware of our own experience so we recognize the contractions before they grip us. Contractions are like surfing: if you get on top of the moment at hand it’s a joy ride, and it is like a tidal wave tumbling you to shore if you remain unconscious of the impact of your being on the world around you. Are you radiating a hopeful, bright beacon of light, or wallowing in your own discomfort or disbelief?

We are being bathed in the galactic waves of change. The attributes of Aquarius are now clearly available for our transmutation of the Piscean structures and beliefs. Since the turn of the 20th Century a new consciousness has been gaining momentum. It grabbed some gusto in the 60′s, but it was not yet time for the changes to take root. Like planting seeds on slippery slopes, it was washed out without gaining the footing necessary for lasting change. Bless all the ones who held their ground dedicated to social reform and sustainable energy sources. The energies of Pisces, although waning to allow the dawning of Aquarius, were still the scaffolding of beliefs that limited the progress. Many people have propped up the old by misinterpreting the heralding message of Jesus that the Divine is indwelling. He shared the insight to keep your candle lit and stay watchful for the hour is not known. Transcendence is about staying in the light of our own unique awareness and shining that light into our experience. It is our choice to transmute the negative beliefs into compost that grows a positive outcome even from barren soil. It is our attention to those moment-by-moment choices that water the seedling, and it is our desire to be the light that brings the gift forward despite any circumstance. Then, we realize the fruit of our labor.

The swing of the pendulum has rocked from the matriarchy to the patriarchy. Perhaps now, the egalitarian age has come, where the momentum for the duality of one or the other slows down and the distance between the two grows shorter and less dramatic. Nature illustrates the balance of both yin and yang. Let’s capitalize on the beautiful gift of thrust, creativity, ingenuity, life force energy and curious seeking of the yang, but let’s shift it away from self-serving, ego identified motivations. (I watched a TEDTALK on printers that can create bladders and kidneys for transplant. Mind blowing possibilities born of the yang.) Let’s welcome the influx of the yin and allow her to lull this pendulum swing from the extremes. Be gentle with yourself and kind to everyone around you. Nurture your relationship with silence and stillness until you hear the beating of your own heart with the steady reminder that you know the gestalt and have access to the wisdom of all time. Hush your fears with a lullaby that comforts and soothes your restless desire to miscreate out of impulse or impatience. Sing to yourself and dance naked through the house, or better yet, out in nature where the Mother knows the nakedness of your soul; primal, raw and unformed. Immerse yourself in the nothingness of the void without a goal or objective. Be with your own beingness.

And when you tap the still point of your desire, let it bubble up like a wellspring of joy. Find what it is that you came here to be and the doing of it will flow effortlessly. You will rise up like the sap in spring and others will witness the birth of a new age through your expression of life and the living. One thing I know for sure is that we have passed a threshold for manifestation. Now, each moment, more is being revealed. We have reached the top of the mountain and the ground is solid and dry beneath our feet. No more slippery slopes of the Piscean decent. We can make ground toward manifesting the systems and structures that support sustainability and right relationship as unique expressions of spirit made manifest.

We can co-create the new world and bring in a head that holds enlightened thoughts, a neck that is willing to stretch and risk, shoulders that are strong and willing, arms that are outstretched in love, hands open for receiving, a torso of core universal truths, a pelvis of balance and stability, thighs with the power of forward motion, ankles with flexibility and feet with sole/soul that connects earth and sky. We are this baby, this new Earth being birthed. We are the powerful manifesters who contribute to this hologram of the New Earth with our thoughts, emotions and visions.

Spend time remembering your relationship to all life on this planet. Immerse yourself in the grandeur of the sea, the deep silence of a frosted forest, the unfolding of the flower, the instinct of the animal to stand on wobbly legs or to fly from the nest. Let us know the darkness of the microorganisms in the soil and the prismatic prana of light in the sky. Let’s roam the galaxies with our imagination and respect the intelligence of every grain of sand here on earth.

“We are the ones we’ve been waiting for,” and our time has arrived!

The fires ravaging the pristine natural beauty of the Colorado Rockies have been consuming not only the beetle kill pines, but the lifestyles of people across the state. Each day the choking black plumes of destruction dot the horizon line. The oppressive energy, pervasive among the folks looking West at their beloved homes and hide-aways returning to the earth and merging with the devastated landscape. Each hour, the concentric circles of the fire maps expand exponentially.

Chaos and anxiety hovering over the surface of the city like the oddly illuminated skies. Hundreds of people, suddenly refuges without the definition of their life’s possessions, linger in limbo. The rest pace their unfamiliar settings waiting to hear if they have a home to return to.

I have always felt blessed by the inheritance of a sunny disposition. The brighter side presents first for me, but by the end of the second week, as the fires reignited, I was exhausted. I paused and felt the heavy burden of all that has transpired fall like a shroud upon my shoulders.

The Wildflower Habitat Project had given some foreshadowing. Over Memorial Day I had gone down to assess this summer’s chores only to find that someone had heartlessly torched all of the now huge rabbit brush we rescued Earth Day 2001. It broke my heart to see the cruelty and ignorance of that action and I was having trouble finding the inner strength to go back down to nurture my beloved ones. Perhaps, sensing the edge of despair, I hopped on my bike to chase the ensuing depression out of my psyche. The smoky sunset was sure to produce the exquisite, eerie light that fascinates the on lookers, inspires the photographers and consoles the grieving. I wanted to witness once again the 3-D, blood red ball of sun penetrating the golden-orange billowing clouds rising up from the earth into the ethers.

I wanted to express the deeply personal aspect of this event. I imagined the photo statement I could make with the chard rabbit brush in the foreground, echoed by the smoldering, blackened surface of my land at Whale Rock Road, accented by the columns of smoke rising from the High Park Fire. I knew it would document the emotions evoked by this summer’s scalding.

To my delighted surprise I was amazed to witness the renewal of the earth that is inspired by the transformational energy of fire. In less than a month all of the burned plants are making a strong come back. The brim of my eyes twitching, heavy laden with tears confused by the agony and the elation. The bright green of renewal highlighted by the dramatic black of the chard earth. The Great Mother offers the deep solace of the long standing wisdom that this too shall pass.

Like the resilient Native plants, we, as a community, can use the nutrients of this tragic event to inspire our compassion and connections with others. Signs of appreciation spring up daily along Overland Trail, and people are now lining the country roads to cheer the fire crews on as they return from their long and exhausting days of protecting what we all love. The cheers lift the hearts of everyone as heroes smile and wave with the pride of acknowledgement. Local restaurants are waiving the bill for displaced citizens. Friends opening their homes, and outreach through websites that direct donations for specific needs are flourishing. People from as far away as Berthoud, Greeley and Cheyenne volunteered their trailers to rescue animals caught in harm’s way. Art benefits and local musicians putting together concerts for the volunteer firefighters are raising spirits as well as money. All are evidence of the power of renewing the spirit of concern.

Markham first mentioned the Ring of Fire Eclipse back in February. He always loves the celestial bodies so he was the perfect travel companion. He brought along information and tools for viewing and photographing the event. Searching out the central path of the eclipse lead us down to Chaco Canyon. It is in the Four Corners area. There is a butte that houses an ancient Sun Dagger Solstice Calendar. It is one of the most accurate calendars on the earth because it marks a 19 yr. lunar cycle. The night viewing of the sky there is amazing! The ancestors came from as far away as the Baja to trade and do ceremony.

It was the perfect place to view the eclipse. It was an immense joy for me to pray for future generations while watching my son Joshua, now 23yrs, with his girlfriend Casia, get excited about this natural wonder. It is called the Ring of Fire Eclipse because it was an annular eclipse. The moon covered all but a thin ring of sun making it look like a golden band in the sky. Josh took wonderful photos of the ring at the peak. Truly there was a sense of awe as the moon moved across the sun. It was powerful to be in a place where our ancestors could have been doing/feeling the same thing a thousand years ago. Touching the walls as we ascended natural stairways up to the mesa was like literally touching the past, and seeing the rock art they left behind was like listening to the ancient stories of everyday life.

The life spring of the area was short lived, beginning 1,100 years ago, but lasting only 300 yrs. A Pueblo woman expressed it beautifully. She explained, “It is the way of our people to move on like the clouds. We move into the future taking the past with us as our guide. We stay connected to our ancestors by drumming, singing and doing ceremonies. These things give us our sense of place. Chaco was like a great thunderstorm of activity. It blew up like a billowing thundercloud that rained down its gifts for a while and then rolled out to the four corners of our Sacred Mountains. New people with new ways emerged from this place.”

I built a Medicine Wheel at the top of the mesa overlooking the largest intentional living community of the Southwest. I prayed for all of my loved ones and their loved ones. I know that the ripple effect will create positive changes. I sang the Honoring song to the ancient ones who built this incredible place. I chanted Washna Ate (Everything under the sun is abundantly good) and the Pilahmaya song, which blesses everything that has happened in our lives that has carried us to this NOW moment. I prayed that the birthing of a new way of being would be smooth and supported by our thoughts and prayers.

It is so significant to participate in acknowledging this connection between earth and sky. We enliven the ancient energies when we make the effort to hold the celestial events in our conscious awareness. It helps us to recognize both the insignificance and grandeur of our existence in the cosmos. There are many shifts happening on all levels of creation these days. We are at the apex of an evolutionary impulse. Prophecies of the past can only be fulfilled through our actions in the present.

The journey to enlightenment and liberation is the one we are all on. The next step is directed by our intentions and determination to live in harmony within ourselves. The peace we find within is the song of our soul and what we have to contribute to the natural harmonic of the universe. Centering and elevating our frequency by finding the highest and best in every circumstance is how we offer ourselves to the wholeness and well-being of all. The bigger picture of the ordinary world is impossible to grasp. We can no longer look the other way when considering the condition of our mother earth, but we can choose to stay steady in the midst.

Each of us can focus our capacity to effect the change that is within our reach.

The Occupy movement is a monumental event because it is intended to awaken and educate people about the truth of what is going on in America. In the 60′s, people also took to the streets to exercise their right to speak out against injustice. Civil rights and the Vietnam War were the focus then, although, just like now, many other agendas were also brought forward.

It was a tumultuous time ripe for impetus for change. Much of that progress is now integrated into our culture and World View. Indigenous people say that it takes seven generations to effect and integrate social changes. Poverty and prejudice still exist, but are less blatant now. Opportunities for people of color and women have opened up so that everyone has the right to develop their true potential. We still have a long way to go, and the discrepancy between the haves and the have nots is an obstacle that deprives our nation of its collective brilliance.

Peaceful protest is an aspect of our 1st Amendment rights that calls us to the highest expression, not only of speech, but of “being”. Often, protesters with good intentions, will provoke an incident because they are holding animosity and frustration in their hearts. When the intention is to join together with a state of inner peace we have the positive potential of truly shaping a future outcome. That is why meditating and staying centered while picketing is essential. Energy is energy and fuel for the fire. It can be the torch of destruction or the flame of transformation. What we need is cohesive, co-creative, conscious, linguistically non-violent anarchy.

What brings people out in peaceful protest now is the injustice of the monetary system. The wheels that were set in place by the power elite at the turn of the last Century have reaped havoc in our world. Capitalism is like a cancer that has spread even to the most remote areas of the planet. The economic infrastructure was corrupt from the beginning and is now being exposed. 1% of the people control most of the currency and, as a result, the policies that limit 99% of us.

Debt is the modern way to enslave laborers. Alan Grayson recently pointed out that there is a problem when 24 million Americans can’t find full-time work. 50 million can’t afford to see a doctor when they are sick, and 47 million people can’t afford to feed themselves. 15 million working Americans are making payments on mortgages for more than their homes are worth. Those involved have to take responsibility for putting their necks in the noose, but the puppeteers at the top must take responsibility for setting the system up to fail. The housing and
higher education bubbles have burst because of the selfish desire of the banking industry.

It is not difficult to see the effects of greed and the impact it has on all socio-economic classes. The thing that is difficult to see is the interconnectedness of the world economy. Everything is now precariously perched, and what happens in our country has a trickle down effect in every culture. That fact makes the solutions difficult because if you tinker with one thing it will have an effect on many other aspects. The mismanagement of money and resources creates suffering in the world.

The truth is that money is just a piece of paper. Interest on debt has become the substance of legal tender. The only power it commands is in our agreement to use it as a form of communication. It is a way to move energy in a tangible form. You can turn abstract dollars into lots of different things.


There is a bigger picture that is becoming clear. Divine Providence (manifesting what you need) is designed to free all of us from the mindset of money. If you believe you have enough, you will have what is needed. This is a moment in time for us to claim what we are capable of manifesting. It is not just for the lucky few; it is our birthright, and claiming it will equalize the advantages each of us is entitled. Faith, trust that all is well, and the belief we can stay steady in the midst are the mental tools we need to utilize in order to build a new and improved world for the next generation.

This is not a time to be afraid. Chaos is the birthplace of all possibilities, and instability is necessary in order to get unstuck from out dated beliefs. As a teenager I pondered why the German people allowed their neighbors to be taken? It was ignorance and the mass trance that hypnotized a nation.  We are once again lulled by the propaganda of mass media and frightened of being singled out. The Patriot Act levels a heavy consequence when the label of terrorist replaces the label of patriot. We must reclaim the foundation our ancestors envisioned for this country.

In the 60′s, I couldn’t contribute directly because I was too young to travel. At 50, I can move my body in alignment with my convictions. I have participated in Fort Collins and Denver and am heading to NYC in December to add my energy and intention to the collective. I realize that not everyone wants to risk being pepper sprayed, injured by rubber bullets or arrested for a felony while documenting police brutality and abuse of power. Interacting with riot police that are being funded by the big banking industry carries a risk because of adulterated perspectives on what is being protected. Is it the people or the power elite?

It concerns me though, when people are unwilling to see what is happening. We have become the victims of comfort, complacent and disconnected, but now, you can participate ndirectly. Social media and the access to information on the internet have provided avenues for a collective voice to make an impression. You can access and connect to this movement from the comfort of your computer. I urge you to search Occupy and become aware of the shift that is occurring because it is an investment in your future and the world our children’s children will inherit. Talk about it with your family, friends and Facebook connections. Participate in the process of democracy before the meaning of it disappears.

The best way to create change is to be the change you want to see. ~Suzanne Rougé

I recently had the opportunity to travel to Crestone, CO, to participate in the gathering of thirteen crystal skulls on route to L.A. for a ceremony with thirteen elders from around the world. Their journey began in New York. They traveled to vortexes across the nation doing ceremonies along the way to activate these power points; Great Serpent Mound, Oh, the temples of Cahokia, Il, Crestone, Co, Sedona, Az, Blythe Intaglios, Ca, ending the journey with a ceremony on 11-11-11 in L.A., Ca.

This is a synopsis of the teachings that were shared.

11-11-11 represents the transformation of the physical into the Divine. Many believe the day to be an auspicious portal to assist in the evolution of consciousness. The ceremony was inspired by recently discovered authenticated codices, which illustrate ceremonies with crystal skulls. The energies accumulated during this recent journey will travel to three Maya sites including Chichén Itzá, Mexico, for a ceremony to be held at 11:11 am and 11:11 pm, 12/21/12.

The skulls are surfacing around the globe to give us cosmic knowledge, say many indigenous elders. Skulls represent the human mind and these skulls represent the evolution of consciousness. According to Grandmother Flordemayo, there were 52 original Maya crystal skulls that have been dispersed around the globe. The prophecies said they would be returned to share information about how to move through these changing times. Crystals are recorders of information. Computers are examples of crystals being used for this purpose in modern times. Hunbatz Men shared that they impart cosmic wisdom and amplify the light to humanity. These crystal skulls are the time-keepers and recorders of patterns. He said that we are moving beyond beliefs and behaviors to a more direct connection with all that is. Because we are on the verge of aligning with the galactic center, being mindful of this 26,000 year cycle reaching fruition is a powerful way to connect with the cosmos. It is not an overnight event. In fact, it takes 36 years to traverse through the galactic center.

He pointed out several aspects to help us focus on the return of the Divine Feminine. The Eagle and Condor Prophecies have been widely recognized, acted upon and actualized over the past 20 years. Now, the Middle Americas are joining to link the North and South with an emphasis on the snake, a symbol often associated with women. The symbol on the Mexican flag has the snake in the talons of a large bird. The snake is also associated with Kundalini energy. It is visualized as a sleeping snake at the base of the spine coiled three times. The release of Kundalini energy, when directed properly, leads to extremely profound mystical experience. It is believed that the Divine Feminine energy associated with the procession of the Equinox into Aquarius will awaken this dormant energy to raise the collective consciousness of the masses.

The number 13 is associated with the Divine Feminine. There are 13 moons in a year. Hunbatz Men noted that the Earth is closer to the moon right now and that ushers in the feminine
energies. The solar presence is associated with the masculine and is governed by a 23 day cycle. The moon is governed by a 29 day cycle. Women are in natural alignment with this energy because it governs the menstrual (moon time) cycle. Tuning into the 8 phases of the moon helps us to balance the energies of the sun and the moon.

The crystal skulls have a gender, which is determined by the shape of their eyes. If they are round they are feminine, square masculine and a combination of both represents androgyny.
Androgyny is the balance of yin/yang energy (active/passive, receptive/creative.) This balance will bring about a more harmonious way of being that will be reflected culturally.

One of the insights the skulls have revealed is how the human body reflects the cosmos. Hunbatz Men relays, “The memory of the mind is very brief, but the memories of the body are
complete.” The measurements of the human body are related to cosmic measurements. We are a matrix designed to pick up on cosmic cycles. There are 13 points of power in the human body: the joints of the ankles, knees, hips, wrists, elbow, shoulders and neck. The diameter of our planet is 13,000 miles. Earth, Gaia, when seen as a living being, has chakras and power  points as well that relate to the cosmos. Aligning with the center of the Galaxy will awaken the Kundalini energy of the Earth itself, thereby activating this latent energy in all life on the planet.

This shift will raise the frequency of the planet and the best way to ride the waves of contractions in this birthing process is to connect with the Earth as she makes the transition. Hunbatz Men said, “Our form is going to change in this process.” Already scientists are noticing changes in our DNA. Some say that the 97% of our DNA referred to as “Junk DNA” is going to be activated increasing our capacity to access the wisdom of the cosmos directly.

There are things you can do to prepare yourself for these changes:

Stay connected to your heart.

Eat organic foods, drink water and rest well or meditate.

Be aware of lay lines of energy in your area. They exist everywhere and can be detected by telluric currents. You can sense these currents through your feet.

Visit sacred sites and power points known as vortexes.

Sun gaze at dawn and dusk to activate the pineal gland.

Sit in caves and chant, hum, or tone.

Sit near running water to recalibrate the ions in your body.

Notice beauty around you. Beauty is the balance to chaos.

Advance your creativity by integrating it into your daily life.

Shed unnecessary and outdated belief systems that no longer serve you.

Turn your attention away from fear.

Drink nettle tea for adrenal support.

Talk with others about your experiences.

Sometimes, I recognize how few people share my enthusiasm for bringing ancient energy into the modern world. Our way of life, regulated by temperature controls and modern comforts, disconnects us from the rhythm of the earth. It allows us to overlook the natural world and its effect upon us. The earth is a transmitter and receiver of energy. I brushed against transmission in Nepal. It is difficult to articulate what it is. Perceptual in its nature, it was something that permeated my skin through the consciousness of the space itself. The sound of the earth was magnified by the Annapurna Range jutting up with a grandeur stunning to the senses. The earth, as a living prayer, was palpable. 

My journey took me to powerful energy zones. Building Medicine Wheels is a means by which we create energetic liaisons. They imprint the celestial grid closer to our field of awareness. The mendala of a Medicine Wheel creates a vortex; an anomaly of energy. It is a space in which Mother Earth and Father Sky are communing, or making love. From that union all creation is birthed. This balance of yin and yang is present in the sacred ground beneath every step. Areas where consciousness coagulates through worship over generations, contribute powerful potential for “shift” in the collective consciousness.

I had a sudden insight the other day when I was telling the story of my connection to the Ancash Range in Peru. The energy I invoked was very different from Nepal. Knowing the magnitude of potential to activate the energy of people through the concentration and focus of transmission fills me with enthusiasm. Experiencing the power of touching the ancient temple of the elements, resonates in my being waiting for the tuning fork of the closing energy work I do in a reflexology session to strike up an opportunity to transmit that vibration. It is the most ancient thing I have ever touched and the wonder of that moment lingers, not only in my mind, but in every cell of my body. When I connect with the body memory, my aura extends itself to that place.

I normally work with the four elements of water, air, earth and fire in my closing prayer during a session. Visiting Nepal introduced ether to the mix. I have been seeking my own guidance about the purpose of ether. What I have discerned is that ether is the integration of the senses. It is the synthesis of the Universe. The sixth sense is the synergy of all the senses fully aware of the interconnected dynamic between them. It is the harmonic that encompasses all of us through vibration. Each of us emits praise to Creation by the frequency of our being. We all move up and down the scales like musical notes. Our emotions providing the tempo.  

Dissonance is the instrument of the ego clamoring to be heard. The still voice within comes through silence. I am trying on some meditation practices in search of stillness. It feels good to add new tools to my repertoire. I am planning to go to an Eckankar HU chant, Buddhist Sangha and some shamanic journeywork in the coming weeks. It reassures me that diversity is close at hand. The synthesis of different practices is another means by which we can access ether. 

What if everyone gave himself or herself permission to be fully present to transmission in every interaction? 

Our ability to perceive instead of think would expand exponentially. The heart perceives the gestalt or wholeness. The mind is limited by the content we encode into it. We can only draw up what we have already programmed in. Most of the time, we reassure ourselves, “that this is all there is”. We validate reality by justifying our beliefs, even when they don’t behoove us. Our mind is designed to look for similarities and make associations. It tends to tell us what we already know, and everything we know is filtered through our unique bias. The heart, by contrast, picks up on energies, body language, subtle nuances and the integration of all of our senses. Tuning in connects us to the harmonics of the natural world.

What if we all embraced our body’s infinite wisdom and desire to grow and heal? 

It would add to the momentum necessary for critical mass to heal on a collective level. Each of us, learning to trust our own inner guidance, leads the way. The more we think the less we feel our guidance and the more intensely we feel the fear perpetrated by the collective unconscious. Most of us are relying on the outer world for information from which to base our decisions. We seek advice, read self-help books and attend workshops and pod casts in the hopes of learning what we need to know to make changes or confirm that we are on the right track. There is nothing wrong with adding more information but it is not useful until we turn it into wisdom through our life experience. 

“We didn’t come here to learn anything; we came to remember what we already know.” Everything is encoded in our own unique DNA message. When we learn to listen to our body, we connect with our inner knowing and authentic self. Our heart speaks to every cell and all of our causal bodies.

“Tsam Tsvas Tvat” (I am-that) is the mirror that reveals the shadow side of ourselves. The things that disturb our peace and well-being are the very keys to self-revelation. When we mature beyond blame/victimization, and are able to own our projections, we perceive others with loving compassion. We can appreciate that everyone is a tool for unearthing both our gifts and our limitations. The “aha” moment of revelation frees the energy that is necessary for denial, low self-esteem and fear of change. It is now available as creative life force energy moving through us.

Utilizing the stored energy trapped in our unconscious, we become just like a seedling turned in the light, our very being reaching toward the mystery of life. This inner sun is connected to the center of the Universe. We can find it through the awareness of our own pulse.

Listening within, as if we are in the hollow of a cave, we hear the beating of our own heart in harmony with the core of the earth. The natural world blends and merges, like breath: inhaling and exhaling with ease and grace. When we move into that still point, we can join in the rhythmic dance of  in—– and—– out. 

We are such masterful examples of creation. So finely tuned, that feeling our own breath can calm the nervous system, balance the endocrine system and provide the necessary resource of oxygen throughout our body to heighten clarity.

Making an effort to connect with earth energy is a doorway to the Divine. We can transport our consciousness to the far reaches of our own imagination and co-create pathways from any place on the globe. Developing a personal relationship with the geological features of an area, and the sacred sites that accompany them, allows access to the transmission of its unique energetic signature. Once touched by the encompassing love of “place” we can carry it in our hearts to share with others.

I am brushing against a prickly call for me to practice what I preach.

I am close to the edge again and nervous about how I will face all of my bills. Back into the rat race and nervously chewing at my tail. From every direction, my world is closing in around me.

I need to scoot some people out to the next ring in my swiftly tilting planet. Make a little space for sameness. The gravitational pull has already wrapped itself around almost everyone in my life carrying them like drifting dandelion seeds away from my world, yet tethered to my heart.

Can I be solitary? Can I release the tenderness of praise? The longing of my heart is to hold my breath and plunge into the depths of my emotions. Feel them fully without the escape of my primal nature. Without sex, or the pen or brush or chisel to express them. Will they fuse into silence when they collide?

I am reeling against the words “too much, again” Two many words this time and too much thinking. The words and emotions bump into one another. My keen mind, the flipper that sends the pinball spinning. The noise of the ricochet dinging clamors with the acceptance that true stillness is the only way to score at the next level. Can I overcome the reflex to keep the ball in motion?

I am chastised once again, turned away by the “too much” of my being.
Too much and Amazing! sharing the surface of the same coin.

Oh sweet knowing will you buoy me?
Winds of Providence lift me beyond limitation.
Great Gratitude, open my eyes to the cornucopia of being.
Longing for the Divine engulf me, swallow me whole
leaving no trace of the fear that it isn’t so.

Cell phones

Cell phones

The idea of planetary, personal and cultural evolution is irrefutable. It provides motivation for glimpsing into the past. The path of evolution is traceable illustrating the many junctures in the road to civilization while guiding the steps into the future. The internet, with its far reaching implications, is a huge catalyst for the progression of the shift. It is the rogue factor that destabilizes the status quo. 

The Post Modern world is full of chaos ripe for the next step in our journey as a species. Cell phones and WiFi connect even remote areas of the world, ushering in the information age. The bombardment of social awareness is overwhelming. Cell use is being driven by its practical application. A loved one can phone and find out what to pick up on their way out of town enroute to a remote village. Elders have the reassurance of being able to connect with a neighbor in the event of an injury or illness. Cell phone sales are sky rocketing in developing nations offering a short cut in the evolution of culture by shifting critical mass. Millions of people once separated by geographical location now have access to anything in the world with Blackberries and Iphones in hand.

Skype allows people from all over the world to be present via video cameras. It is practically free and the experience covers a much broader scope. Loved ones come to life with gestures, mannerisms and familiar voice quality. A parent can call home from just about anywhere and see his or her children snuggled in bed or romping like puppies. Skype technology engages the heart. Transference of coherence patterns knows no distance or time. Therapeutic use in a number of situations could create healing through heart entrainment. Skype also calls us to transparency in relationships as people can read our body language and its congruency. Ironing out details for international transactions done via Skype lessens the carbon footprint. Expert tutorials utilizing this technology transport the classroom to global proportions. The potential uses seem infinite.

Adaptability is essential to the process of evolution. The internet has expedited the process with its ever changing focus on ingenuity. It creates a tumbling down effect for out-dated consciousness as creativity and the imagination soar to new heights. The momentum of this change in energetics is immense. The Baby Boomers who were indoctrinated in overcrowded assembly-line conscious classrooms are now at the helm of change. Motivations beyond the Cold War, Capitalism and competition for resources are free to flourish. 

Access to free information is proliferating. Wikipedia, a free public service, gathers information from volunteers around the globe. Ten years after its inception it is 40 million users strong. Educational opportunities abound and are accessible in semi-remote areas via computers. Webinars, on line workshops and web conferences make knowledge accessible from the comfort of your own computer, enabling millions of people to access learning as a recreational activity. Free chat rooms engage people of all ages, ethnicity and economic status in self-selective groups adding cohesiveness to the collective consciousness. Social media link people to events of common purpose or interest and have become a powerful tool for boycotting and organizing events that gain visibility for a cause. Exposure creates expansion as our awareness assimilates new information. 

Globalization creates a forum where simple folk, like me, can contribute to the conversation. This empowers Agents of Cultural Change. New ways of “being” introduced by integral living, cultural creatives, and other cross-cultural communities are all bridges into a New World. The tributaries they traverse are our collective thinking. Web sites that compile and cross reference civic action and sites that encourage social investments serve as world-wide hubs to direct an evolutionary shift.

Rallying global interest in a cause is faster and more efficient. The threat of Environmental Degradation is depending on Global ingenuity to problem solve solutions for the ramifications of off shore drilling, deforestation, climate change and a host of other interrelated facets of this interconnected world. Global conference calls expand the conversation offering different vantage points from remote areas and evidence in the form of cell photos that give the world a clear view of what is truly happening in our environment. Activists from every corner of the world have joined the dialogue, dispelling the power of the media to manipulate our perceptions. In this way, the snake sheds its skin and the adaptability of the planet is self-actualized. 

Globalization presents exponential promise for change by honoring diversity. People interacting bring diversity of thought and experience to the forefront. Making adjustments and accommodations for differences also shifts the stalemate of egocentrism. Although social media carry the potential of facilitating hate groups like the KKK, child pornography and militant right wing religious zealots, the positive potential outweighs the less then desirable. We can navigate our attention away from the abhorrent aspects of society and add our input to creating a better world. The tipping point of on-line interests will determine what is valued in the 21st Century. 

Each individual has an opportunity at hand to participate in a global democracy of thought, social activism and socio-economic change. What we do matters and the ease with which we can make a contribution has never been greater. NOW is the time to join hands with like minded individuals to cross the river of change. With our hands linked, we can overcome the swift current of previous mis-creations and maladies of the modern world.

My desire is to uncover the diverse similarities of ancient beliefs before civilization invented the concept of conformity. My travels to seven different cultures are with the intention of integrating my own expansion and sharing it via spiritual transmission: visually, verbally and energetically. I am a Spiritual Warrior on the front line of a new way of being. My hope is to inspire you to step into your own expression of “Divine Pride.” 

All Creation is in a constant process of expansion and evolution. I believe we are at an apex of this evolution and at the edge of a huge leap forward for humanity. It is not the first time that human behavior shifted dramatically. Indeed, Galileo, the world is not flat. Envision Pope Paul V viewing the photos from the Hubble. Imagine the utter amazement of a prehistoric nomad seeing the results of cultivation. Reflect on the emancipation from the Dark Ages to the flourishing artistic expression of the Renaissance. People experiencing the Black Plague had difficulty seeing beyond the devastation of death. Can you envision the astonishment someone from that era might feel looking at modern medical understanding and technologies? Imagine the wonder of the transformation from agriculture with a scythe and digging tool to industrialization where machines perform unimaginable tasks. We get a sense of the vastness of these shifts as we look upon contemporary changes since the turn of the last Century. Who dreamed that we could put a jukebox into a 1″ device, or a computer into our portable phones? We can recognize the power of the information age as we witness the impact of globalization.

WHAT’S NEXT????????
The transition period is always nebulous and not easily defined as belief systems move to a new expression. The irony is that we create the next step by being able to imagine beyond the physical reality of today’s limitations. Major shifts in civilization parallel the progression of the Mayan Calendar These shifts are echoed in the prophecies of Egyptians, Hopi, Aborigine, and Inca. A New Age of Enlightenment is announced in all the major religions of the world. We are growing beyond the beliefs of the Newtonian Age and into the Quantum Age.


Conscious awareness.
The procession of the equinox into the Age of Aquarius
Embracing personal responsibility

Each of us contributes the quality of our own consciousness to the collective unconscious. Critical mass is what tips the scale and brings momentum for change. When we are able to live out the values of Aquarius, we will manifest a New Age. We cannot build this new world with hammers and cranes. It is the constructs of thought forms that bring the next evolutionary era into consensus reality. We are building the scaffolding with the manifestation of our conscious awareness. Simply becoming aware that we are aware and taking personal responsibility for our thoughts, emotions and actions is our contribution. Living our lives as a waking dream in which our higher self guides us is how we demonstrate mastery. The shift will be accomplished when the refined quality of meditative consciousness is applied to cutting up the vegetables, greeting the gas station attendant and assimilated into our livelihood.

We can benefit from ancient awareness. Those aspects of collective existence that have remained pressing spiritual questions throughout the many evolutionary transitions. We can look to the similarities of the “Quest for understanding” that transcend time as a guiding light into the unknown.


* Gratitude and reciprocity
* Intention and the power of prayer
* Cleansing physically and emotionally
* Healing ceremonies/ tools of the trade
* Ancestors and our relationship to mystery
* Holy days and seasonal calendars
* Chakras and the flow of energy

I harvested beauty and bounty from my yard. What a pallet of fall colors awaiting my return home. I am truly blessed and I love how my Mother provides for me. I think food should be beautiful. No need to go to the store today.

Garden Greeting

Garden Greeting

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