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without judgment

without judgment

Taking a picture this morning triggered a day of contemplation. Couldn’t resist capturing that moment.

I tell people, when they ask why I don’t wear shoes, I’d rather be cold than confined.

I asserted my desire to live in bare feet after retiring from teaching. At first it was exhilarating to feel all of the seasons through my feet. I became more intimately in tune with the telluric currents and subtle energy shifts that spur on the changes in nature as the seasons transition. Walking my dog, Sebastian, regardless of inclement weather, was a great teacher to me.

Although I do recognize the dangers of being exposed to frost bite, the need to know compelled me to explore the edge of what my feet could endure walking in snow and ice. The Colorado sun keeps our pavement dry and warm most of the time. During the times when I was walking short distances through the snow I became aware of the limitations of judgment. The moment I judged the situation as good or bad the experience soon followed. It was the reverse of walking on hot coals.

Instead, I learned to allow the sensations without analyzing. Just observing them without judgment..

Remaining curious in life is a gift. It became a spiritual practice for me for a few seasons. All these years later, as I put my foot fully into the sensation of cold this morning, I felt free.

The YouTube project was resurrected today. Everything lined up beautifully and I am hopeful that I will have my contest entry complete.

Love feelin the flow.

I pondered the flow while writing the script. Contemplating the difference between being an earthen vessel and being a hollow bone.

What I discovered is…

If we are being a vessel we are containing something. Ultimately, it is too much to hold.  But when we imagine ourselves as the hollow bone then life force moves through us unencumbered. The more we get our ego in alignment with that flow the better we are able to serve.

Our purpose is to stay clear. To allow the things we interact with to serve as a file to whittle away preconceived notions and judgments.

In this analogy we take neither the claim or the blame. We release a need for an outcome and just observe the moment unfurl.

It is in the present moment that we have the power to effect change. The moment of disequilibrium creates space that ripples out into future possibilities.

I am laying in my bed remembering the hours I spent recording my thoughts and feelings in Peru. It was such a luxury to write at my leisure. To be aware, in the midst of how I might relay the experiences with depth and meaning. It was always a balance between analyzing the experience and being present enough to perceive it.

I am still immersed in meaning as serendipitous experiences unfold here in the States. I have been consumed with the task of creating a YouTube pitch. Glitch after glitch. I am committed though, so each day I plug away at something that would be simple in the hands of a professional. Take (too many to count) did result in a descent video presentation.

I kept trying to present myself with jewelry from Bolivia. Me and bling????? It was not until I put on a sarong that the project gained momentum. Authenticity provides all the fuel we need to move in the world with a trajectory on course.

Those of you connecting and asking questions, I am buoyed by your interest. I love the idea of having people tag along learning about earth honoring traditions both new and old as I uncover them. I always liked turning over stones as a child.

Each day, despite my busy schedule, I press forward with perseverance focused on ease and grace and drifting in a sense of tranquillo. I keep my heart open and my eyes peeled for the next clue in the treasure hunt of my life.