I am brushing against a prickly call for me to practice what I preach.

I am close to the edge again and nervous about how I will face all of my bills. Back into the rat race and nervously chewing at my tail. From every direction, my world is closing in around me.

I need to scoot some people out to the next ring in my swiftly tilting planet. Make a little space for sameness. The gravitational pull has already wrapped itself around almost everyone in my life carrying them like drifting dandelion seeds away from my world, yet tethered to my heart.

Can I be solitary? Can I release the tenderness of praise? The longing of my heart is to hold my breath and plunge into the depths of my emotions. Feel them fully without the escape of my primal nature. Without sex, or the pen or brush or chisel to express them. Will they fuse into silence when they collide?

I am reeling against the words “too much, again” Two many words this time and too much thinking. The words and emotions bump into one another. My keen mind, the flipper that sends the pinball spinning. The noise of the ricochet dinging clamors with the acceptance that true stillness is the only way to score at the next level. Can I overcome the reflex to keep the ball in motion?

I am chastised once again, turned away by the “too much” of my being.
Too much and Amazing! sharing the surface of the same coin.

Oh sweet knowing will you buoy me?
Winds of Providence lift me beyond limitation.
Great Gratitude, open my eyes to the cornucopia of being.
Longing for the Divine engulf me, swallow me whole
leaving no trace of the fear that it isn’t so.