My desire is to uncover the diverse similarities of ancient beliefs before civilization invented the concept of conformity. My travels to seven different cultures are with the intention of integrating my own expansion and sharing it via spiritual transmission: visually, verbally and energetically. I am a Spiritual Warrior on the front line of a new way of being. My hope is to inspire you to step into your own expression of “Divine Pride.” 

All Creation is in a constant process of expansion and evolution. I believe we are at an apex of this evolution and at the edge of a huge leap forward for humanity. It is not the first time that human behavior shifted dramatically. Indeed, Galileo, the world is not flat. Envision Pope Paul V viewing the photos from the Hubble. Imagine the utter amazement of a prehistoric nomad seeing the results of cultivation. Reflect on the emancipation from the Dark Ages to the flourishing artistic expression of the Renaissance. People experiencing the Black Plague had difficulty seeing beyond the devastation of death. Can you envision the astonishment someone from that era might feel looking at modern medical understanding and technologies? Imagine the wonder of the transformation from agriculture with a scythe and digging tool to industrialization where machines perform unimaginable tasks. We get a sense of the vastness of these shifts as we look upon contemporary changes since the turn of the last Century. Who dreamed that we could put a jukebox into a 1″ device, or a computer into our portable phones? We can recognize the power of the information age as we witness the impact of globalization.

WHAT’S NEXT????????
The transition period is always nebulous and not easily defined as belief systems move to a new expression. The irony is that we create the next step by being able to imagine beyond the physical reality of today’s limitations. Major shifts in civilization parallel the progression of the Mayan Calendar These shifts are echoed in the prophecies of Egyptians, Hopi, Aborigine, and Inca. A New Age of Enlightenment is announced in all the major religions of the world. We are growing beyond the beliefs of the Newtonian Age and into the Quantum Age.


Conscious awareness.
The procession of the equinox into the Age of Aquarius
Embracing personal responsibility

Each of us contributes the quality of our own consciousness to the collective unconscious. Critical mass is what tips the scale and brings momentum for change. When we are able to live out the values of Aquarius, we will manifest a New Age. We cannot build this new world with hammers and cranes. It is the constructs of thought forms that bring the next evolutionary era into consensus reality. We are building the scaffolding with the manifestation of our conscious awareness. Simply becoming aware that we are aware and taking personal responsibility for our thoughts, emotions and actions is our contribution. Living our lives as a waking dream in which our higher self guides us is how we demonstrate mastery. The shift will be accomplished when the refined quality of meditative consciousness is applied to cutting up the vegetables, greeting the gas station attendant and assimilated into our livelihood.

We can benefit from ancient awareness. Those aspects of collective existence that have remained pressing spiritual questions throughout the many evolutionary transitions. We can look to the similarities of the “Quest for understanding” that transcend time as a guiding light into the unknown.


* Gratitude and reciprocity
* Intention and the power of prayer
* Cleansing physically and emotionally
* Healing ceremonies/ tools of the trade
* Ancestors and our relationship to mystery
* Holy days and seasonal calendars
* Chakras and the flow of energy