Solar eclipse
Solar eclipse

With all the hype of 2012 behind us, what lies ahead? I experienced a little let down after the Solstice and, as always, with a dip in my mood a clearing followed. Not a cold, although I sounded bad, just the releasing of that sticky mucous-y disappointment. My despair was not about a “sudden, global catastrophe failing to transpire,” but about a lack of unification and cohesiveness among the light workers to create critical mass. It is my belief that this time is about approaching a zero point, a portal to go through. Like watching the eclipse that was 72 minutes long, the actual time that the moon was in the center and the sun was eclipsed was 7 minutes. There was something magical about being in that darkened light and playing with our distorted shadows. It takes 36 years to traverse the center of our galaxy.

I liken the next 3 decades to that opportunity to become enlightened. To lighten up, celebrate and rejoice in the ushering in of each body part of this new earth being born. Abundance generated by emerging systems, divergent creativity at the heart of education, sustainable free energy and water for every human being, fresh living food, justice and peace prevailing and health care based on wellness. She is just crowning with potential and it is time for all of us to become tuned in and aware of our own experience so we recognize the contractions before they grip us. Contractions are like surfing: if you get on top of the moment at hand it’s a joy ride, and it is like a tidal wave tumbling you to shore if you remain unconscious of the impact of your being on the world around you. Are you radiating a hopeful, bright beacon of light, or wallowing in your own discomfort or disbelief?

We are being bathed in the galactic waves of change. The attributes of Aquarius are now clearly available for our transmutation of the Piscean structures and beliefs. Since the turn of the 20th Century a new consciousness has been gaining momentum. It grabbed some gusto in the 60′s, but it was not yet time for the changes to take root. Like planting seeds on slippery slopes, it was washed out without gaining the footing necessary for lasting change. Bless all the ones who held their ground dedicated to social reform and sustainable energy sources. The energies of Pisces, although waning to allow the dawning of Aquarius, were still the scaffolding of beliefs that limited the progress. Many people have propped up the old by misinterpreting the heralding message of Jesus that the Divine is indwelling. He shared the insight to keep your candle lit and stay watchful for the hour is not known. Transcendence is about staying in the light of our own unique awareness and shining that light into our experience. It is our choice to transmute the negative beliefs into compost that grows a positive outcome even from barren soil. It is our attention to those moment-by-moment choices that water the seedling, and it is our desire to be the light that brings the gift forward despite any circumstance. Then, we realize the fruit of our labor.

The swing of the pendulum has rocked from the matriarchy to the patriarchy. Perhaps now, the egalitarian age has come, where the momentum for the duality of one or the other slows down and the distance between the two grows shorter and less dramatic. Nature illustrates the balance of both yin and yang. Let’s capitalize on the beautiful gift of thrust, creativity, ingenuity, life force energy and curious seeking of the yang, but let’s shift it away from self-serving, ego identified motivations. (I watched a TEDTALK on printers that can create bladders and kidneys for transplant. Mind blowing possibilities born of the yang.) Let’s welcome the influx of the yin and allow her to lull this pendulum swing from the extremes. Be gentle with yourself and kind to everyone around you. Nurture your relationship with silence and stillness until you hear the beating of your own heart with the steady reminder that you know the gestalt and have access to the wisdom of all time. Hush your fears with a lullaby that comforts and soothes your restless desire to miscreate out of impulse or impatience. Sing to yourself and dance naked through the house, or better yet, out in nature where the Mother knows the nakedness of your soul; primal, raw and unformed. Immerse yourself in the nothingness of the void without a goal or objective. Be with your own beingness.

And when you tap the still point of your desire, let it bubble up like a wellspring of joy. Find what it is that you came here to be and the doing of it will flow effortlessly. You will rise up like the sap in spring and others will witness the birth of a new age through your expression of life and the living. One thing I know for sure is that we have passed a threshold for manifestation. Now, each moment, more is being revealed. We have reached the top of the mountain and the ground is solid and dry beneath our feet. No more slippery slopes of the Piscean decent. We can make ground toward manifesting the systems and structures that support sustainability and right relationship as unique expressions of spirit made manifest.

We can co-create the new world and bring in a head that holds enlightened thoughts, a neck that is willing to stretch and risk, shoulders that are strong and willing, arms that are outstretched in love, hands open for receiving, a torso of core universal truths, a pelvis of balance and stability, thighs with the power of forward motion, ankles with flexibility and feet with sole/soul that connects earth and sky. We are this baby, this new Earth being birthed. We are the powerful manifesters who contribute to this hologram of the New Earth with our thoughts, emotions and visions.

Spend time remembering your relationship to all life on this planet. Immerse yourself in the grandeur of the sea, the deep silence of a frosted forest, the unfolding of the flower, the instinct of the animal to stand on wobbly legs or to fly from the nest. Let us know the darkness of the microorganisms in the soil and the prismatic prana of light in the sky. Let’s roam the galaxies with our imagination and respect the intelligence of every grain of sand here on earth.

“We are the ones we’ve been waiting for,” and our time has arrived!