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Sometimes, I recognize how few people share my enthusiasm for bringing ancient energy into the modern world. Our way of life, regulated by temperature controls and modern comforts, disconnects us from the rhythm of the earth. It allows us to overlook the natural world and its effect upon us. The earth is a transmitter and receiver of energy. I brushed against transmission in Nepal. It is difficult to articulate what it is. Perceptual in its nature, it was something that permeated my skin through the consciousness of the space itself. The sound of the earth was magnified by the Annapurna Range jutting up with a grandeur stunning to the senses. The earth, as a living prayer, was palpable. 

My journey took me to powerful energy zones. Building Medicine Wheels is a means by which we create energetic liaisons. They imprint the celestial grid closer to our field of awareness. The mendala of a Medicine Wheel creates a vortex; an anomaly of energy. It is a space in which Mother Earth and Father Sky are communing, or making love. From that union all creation is birthed. This balance of yin and yang is present in the sacred ground beneath every step. Areas where consciousness coagulates through worship over generations, contribute powerful potential for “shift” in the collective consciousness.

I had a sudden insight the other day when I was telling the story of my connection to the Ancash Range in Peru. The energy I invoked was very different from Nepal. Knowing the magnitude of potential to activate the energy of people through the concentration and focus of transmission fills me with enthusiasm. Experiencing the power of touching the ancient temple of the elements, resonates in my being waiting for the tuning fork of the closing energy work I do in a reflexology session to strike up an opportunity to transmit that vibration. It is the most ancient thing I have ever touched and the wonder of that moment lingers, not only in my mind, but in every cell of my body. When I connect with the body memory, my aura extends itself to that place.

I normally work with the four elements of water, air, earth and fire in my closing prayer during a session. Visiting Nepal introduced ether to the mix. I have been seeking my own guidance about the purpose of ether. What I have discerned is that ether is the integration of the senses. It is the synthesis of the Universe. The sixth sense is the synergy of all the senses fully aware of the interconnected dynamic between them. It is the harmonic that encompasses all of us through vibration. Each of us emits praise to Creation by the frequency of our being. We all move up and down the scales like musical notes. Our emotions providing the tempo.  

Dissonance is the instrument of the ego clamoring to be heard. The still voice within comes through silence. I am trying on some meditation practices in search of stillness. It feels good to add new tools to my repertoire. I am planning to go to an Eckankar HU chant, Buddhist Sangha and some shamanic journeywork in the coming weeks. It reassures me that diversity is close at hand. The synthesis of different practices is another means by which we can access ether. 

What if everyone gave himself or herself permission to be fully present to transmission in every interaction? 

Our ability to perceive instead of think would expand exponentially. The heart perceives the gestalt or wholeness. The mind is limited by the content we encode into it. We can only draw up what we have already programmed in. Most of the time, we reassure ourselves, “that this is all there is”. We validate reality by justifying our beliefs, even when they don’t behoove us. Our mind is designed to look for similarities and make associations. It tends to tell us what we already know, and everything we know is filtered through our unique bias. The heart, by contrast, picks up on energies, body language, subtle nuances and the integration of all of our senses. Tuning in connects us to the harmonics of the natural world.

What if we all embraced our body’s infinite wisdom and desire to grow and heal? 

It would add to the momentum necessary for critical mass to heal on a collective level. Each of us, learning to trust our own inner guidance, leads the way. The more we think the less we feel our guidance and the more intensely we feel the fear perpetrated by the collective unconscious. Most of us are relying on the outer world for information from which to base our decisions. We seek advice, read self-help books and attend workshops and pod casts in the hopes of learning what we need to know to make changes or confirm that we are on the right track. There is nothing wrong with adding more information but it is not useful until we turn it into wisdom through our life experience. 

“We didn’t come here to learn anything; we came to remember what we already know.” Everything is encoded in our own unique DNA message. When we learn to listen to our body, we connect with our inner knowing and authentic self. Our heart speaks to every cell and all of our causal bodies.

“Tsam Tsvas Tvat” (I am-that) is the mirror that reveals the shadow side of ourselves. The things that disturb our peace and well-being are the very keys to self-revelation. When we mature beyond blame/victimization, and are able to own our projections, we perceive others with loving compassion. We can appreciate that everyone is a tool for unearthing both our gifts and our limitations. The “aha” moment of revelation frees the energy that is necessary for denial, low self-esteem and fear of change. It is now available as creative life force energy moving through us.

Utilizing the stored energy trapped in our unconscious, we become just like a seedling turned in the light, our very being reaching toward the mystery of life. This inner sun is connected to the center of the Universe. We can find it through the awareness of our own pulse.

Listening within, as if we are in the hollow of a cave, we hear the beating of our own heart in harmony with the core of the earth. The natural world blends and merges, like breath: inhaling and exhaling with ease and grace. When we move into that still point, we can join in the rhythmic dance of  in—– and—– out. 

We are such masterful examples of creation. So finely tuned, that feeling our own breath can calm the nervous system, balance the endocrine system and provide the necessary resource of oxygen throughout our body to heighten clarity.

Making an effort to connect with earth energy is a doorway to the Divine. We can transport our consciousness to the far reaches of our own imagination and co-create pathways from any place on the globe. Developing a personal relationship with the geological features of an area, and the sacred sites that accompany them, allows access to the transmission of its unique energetic signature. Once touched by the encompassing love of “place” we can carry it in our hearts to share with others.

My desire is to uncover the diverse similarities of ancient beliefs before civilization invented the concept of conformity. My travels to seven different cultures are with the intention of integrating my own expansion and sharing it via spiritual transmission: visually, verbally and energetically. I am a Spiritual Warrior on the front line of a new way of being. My hope is to inspire you to step into your own expression of “Divine Pride.” 

All Creation is in a constant process of expansion and evolution. I believe we are at an apex of this evolution and at the edge of a huge leap forward for humanity. It is not the first time that human behavior shifted dramatically. Indeed, Galileo, the world is not flat. Envision Pope Paul V viewing the photos from the Hubble. Imagine the utter amazement of a prehistoric nomad seeing the results of cultivation. Reflect on the emancipation from the Dark Ages to the flourishing artistic expression of the Renaissance. People experiencing the Black Plague had difficulty seeing beyond the devastation of death. Can you envision the astonishment someone from that era might feel looking at modern medical understanding and technologies? Imagine the wonder of the transformation from agriculture with a scythe and digging tool to industrialization where machines perform unimaginable tasks. We get a sense of the vastness of these shifts as we look upon contemporary changes since the turn of the last Century. Who dreamed that we could put a jukebox into a 1″ device, or a computer into our portable phones? We can recognize the power of the information age as we witness the impact of globalization.

WHAT’S NEXT????????
The transition period is always nebulous and not easily defined as belief systems move to a new expression. The irony is that we create the next step by being able to imagine beyond the physical reality of today’s limitations. Major shifts in civilization parallel the progression of the Mayan Calendar www.mayanmagix.com. These shifts are echoed in the prophecies of Egyptians, Hopi, Aborigine, and Inca. A New Age of Enlightenment is announced in all the major religions of the world. We are growing beyond the beliefs of the Newtonian Age and into the Quantum Age.


Conscious awareness.
The procession of the equinox into the Age of Aquarius
Embracing personal responsibility

Each of us contributes the quality of our own consciousness to the collective unconscious. Critical mass is what tips the scale and brings momentum for change. When we are able to live out the values of Aquarius, we will manifest a New Age. We cannot build this new world with hammers and cranes. It is the constructs of thought forms that bring the next evolutionary era into consensus reality. We are building the scaffolding with the manifestation of our conscious awareness. Simply becoming aware that we are aware and taking personal responsibility for our thoughts, emotions and actions is our contribution. Living our lives as a waking dream in which our higher self guides us is how we demonstrate mastery. The shift will be accomplished when the refined quality of meditative consciousness is applied to cutting up the vegetables, greeting the gas station attendant and assimilated into our livelihood.

We can benefit from ancient awareness. Those aspects of collective existence that have remained pressing spiritual questions throughout the many evolutionary transitions. We can look to the similarities of the “Quest for understanding” that transcend time as a guiding light into the unknown.


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* Cleansing physically and emotionally
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* Holy days and seasonal calendars
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