I want to thank you for leading the Crones Crowning Ceremony. Yesterday was an amazing experience for me, coming at a time when I was starving for it, and as I've been reflecting on its effect on me, there are a few things I feel compelled to tell you.

There is an ongoing conflict between me and the box of the dominant culture. Although I do a lot of research online to feed my spiritual and health needs, and have learned a great deal that way, immersion in the culture I wish to expand in the world, and relationship with wise and respected elders who lead by example, are irreplaceable. What we all experienced as a group was a microcosm of a culture I yearn to be a part of.

What you said about December 21st really resonated with me and, like many other points from the day, reinforced in a significant way my belief in my own intuition, which I know I can trust, but somehow dismiss anyway at times -- mostly because trusting one's intuition is so discouraged in the dominant culture. I have always felt deep in my gut that I live in a critical time of change for the Earth, and that I am a leader of that change. The direction of my path has become much clearer, too, as it will continue to do for some time (my whole life, I suppose?). This realization is incredibly empowering and heartening to me (as was the entire day).

As a teacher myself, I am honored to have had the chance to learn from you both in terms of content and pedigogy, and I look forward to the day when I teach with the level of knowledge, grace, and fluency that I saw in you yesterday. I want to learn more from you.

I could go on for pages, so I will end this now. I thank you from the deepest place in my heart, and I thank the universe and spirits for bringing all of us together and allowing that magical retreat to take place. I know that every second of our time there was part of a divine plan that is only just beginning.

Blessings to you!! I can't wait to see you again. You are a truly blessed womyn.


I've finished my mask, added more paint, symbols, and attached it to a nice piece of beach wood I brought home from Hawaii (Kauai) in January. It sure was a powerful ceremony, the mask had much to say to me (it was a powerful Soul-channel) over several months after the class and ceremony. Who knew it would be the instigator and beginning of my changing my name back to my original name! Apparently it was time. I still pull it off the wall and sit with it when I want to listen to it's wisdom and guidance.
Thank you again for that.
Hope all is well with you!
Karen Dobroth

Hi Suzanne,
Thanks for the wonderful weekend!  It was so nice to get to know you better.  Thank you so much for the releasing ritual.  It helped me SO MUCH!!!  I hope to see you soon!
Take care,

Hi Suzanne,
I just wanted to say what a pleasure it was to spend more time with you. I had a great time hanging with the ladies. It was really an honor to be present for ceremony too. I learned a great deal this weekend. I wish you much luck, love, and health in all that you do.

Just wanted to let you know about the healing. I had difficulty focusing yesterday during the aura cleansing, breathing exercise, but I tried it today before I did Tslagi at home and boy oh boy--I was getting chatter from all the elements and the animals from each direction--even father sky and mother earth.  Yesterday on the drive back I was so calm and relaxed and things were clear for the first time in a long time--so clarity was a huge result of the healing!  It also sunk in that the unclear message I've been getting pertaining to air was linked to going to you--air sign--for my healing.

It was a very strange healing as it didn't feel as energetically powerful as reflexology ( I always feel the movement of energy during reflexology) but it seemed to be a more subtle energy or just a different kind that seemed to open the lines of communication and clarity slowly --like a flower opening.  Clearly I'm still jazzed from it!!

Anyway, I had planned on joining you for Tslagi I will definitely be joining you next Thursday
and many Thursdays thereafter.  I love that dance!

Thanks so much and see you next week!
Jessica Auman

Just a quick email to thank you for the ceremony today....am always so impressed with your knowledge, flow  of words...you are a wonderful communicator...what a gift you have, my dear. Just looked at our pics from the trip again and continue to be amazed at the country we saw and traveled on....thanks for being in my life...you are truly a gift to me and so many others in our community and the world...xoxo 
Barb Lehner

Suzanne, YOU are amazing!
What a journey! Initially no language, no "home", no familiarity, no relief (from the elements, from fears, from pain [dental] for quite awhile), no money, no in-country support group, no old friends, no certainty   .............THEN..........
.....spirit language, body language, words learned of two local languages, and words of spiritual truths, and learning concepts of people and culture and of beliefs and of ceremony, and
.....sharing, assisting, surrendering, listening, learning, feeling low, feeling high, feeling confused, feeling lost, feeling naive, feeling wise, feeling empowered, and
.....new knowledge, new self, new vistas, new truths, new awareness, new connections, new teachers and new masters, new personal limits, and new vision.
More hues in the palette that is you, and in the palette you use to create wellness in others.
Thank you for your courage!
I celebrate YOU!

 I am "on my way" to the next part of my life!!! Thank you for giving a beautiful and warm Crone's Crowning Ceremony for me. I appreciate all your efforts and words of wisdom. Everyone present received much energy and light.

Many, many thanks for coming to our home and providing a beautiful ceremony for the girls. It was perfect!
Much love, 

Thanks a lot for  being there to help us!

Thank you very much. I really enjoyed the ceremony and I'm glad we did it. 

Yesterday was SO wonderful! Thank you so much! I really enjoyed spending time with you and the amazing ceremony! It was so nurturing and powerful. I love my mask! Yesterday was just magical, and you are amazing. Your light is absolutely brilliant and far reaching. I'm so glad to be getting to know you now, and then get to see who you become after Peru and your healing center. You're going to be writing some pretty powerful memoirs!

Honoring the transformation that is happening within and between us. Honoring the medicine woman you were, you are, and are becoming. Honoring the beautiful soul you are, the beautiful woman you are, the beautiful light you are.

 "It feels to me that everything Suzanne says and does is done with intention and consciousness.  Her integrity is impeccable."
 Love and Light to you, my dear!
Linda Hoffman

"Suzanne Rouge is a true shaman in the sense that she not only seeks to help people and animals heal, but also considers how her work and life can help heal the earth, as well.  As a reflexologist, she is fabulous, and after seeing her in many different situations, I am struck by the love she brings to each path.  I am blessed to know her and experience her healing hands and heart!"
Susan E. Mead, M.H.

Hi Suzanne.  Saturday was fun and a truly special day for me. Thank you so much for the beautiful teaching, for helping me see new possibilities as I begin working with the way of the Medicine Wheel....   I am so happy and so blessed to have incredible people like you in my life.
I love you,

Thank you again for your wonderful way of opening the meeting in October. Kim, Cindy and I were all thrilled and grateful for how you met the moment and energetically worked with it to weave/usher/establish a very useful, supportive, strong, clean, safe tone for the meeting. It was small in attendance but a lot happened in a very fortunate and key way. I don't think it would have gone near so well without what you did, Suzanne. Thank you!
Many blessings,

 Suzanne makes the most wonderful angel Spirit Stones. She has made two for my grandchildren's First Communion gifts and I have requested that she make two more. They are special because as Suzanne is sculpting she meditates on the individual and also writes about her experience while sculpting. It becomes personal and something that can be treasured for life. They are delightful!
Peg Walker

Breathing gratitude for You! - for shining your Light brightly as you walk the  Good Red Road. You make the world a better place!