Thank yo
u so much for taking such great care of the dogs and the house! Everything was so pretty when we got home and so sparkling clean. So nice to come home to.
The dogs were glad to see us, but you could tell they had been well-cared for. They love you.
The trip was great. And made much nicer by the fact that everything was so well taken care of while we were gone.
THANK YOU for fixing the bricks. Jake was standing on them one night and jumped when he saw another dog, and they just fell. What is the stuff you used to fix them so I can fill in the rest? You took one thing off my to-do list and I am incredibly grateful!
Hope the rest of your summer goes well! Again, thanks for everything!

I don’t know anyone needing a house cleaner, but will keep my eyes and ears out for anything.  I will, of course, give you a rousing recommendation.  I might have a better shot at reflexology, and will actively solicit clients for ya!
Ann Jordan

Well, you were talked about (at length) quite lovingly by several of us tonight (Terry, Leane, Martha, and me).  Everyone said, “We’re surprised you’re here” and I told them the only reason I could be was because you were transforming my house for me.  You are so loved – I just wanted you to know.  Your gifts are amazing.  Can’t wait to be with you again.  
Much love and gratitude, 

Thank you so much for conducting the house blessing and for talking to me about Radical Forgiveness and Native American principles. Since doing a RF worksheet on my fears, I no longer feel afraid in my house or afraid of negative spirits or energies in my home, whether they are here or not. I can't thank you enough for your loving guidance and help.

Suzanne has been cleaning our house regularly for three years, and I've been so thankful for her conscientious help.  She is a real professional and has a helpful, cooperative attitude.  She actually seems happy to come & do the work, and it's such a comfort to have someone so reliable & capable.
Sarah Judson