Suzanne, when I read things from you, I feel held.  You are one of my masters.  I don't use that word lightly.  I so know that your purpose, mission is always for the greater good, not only for individuals, but the whole planet.  You were my first (but hallelujah, not my last) REALization of the universal.  I can look back and know that I have known and been fed by some wonderful, whole, unconditional, loving souls.  Yet it was you who helped me understand our connectedness w/one another and w/ the whole.  Quite a gift, I'd say.
Susan Jones

"The Medicine Wheel opened me to a new vision inward. The peacefulness of the journey increased my awareness of myself while the well written synopsis provided avenues of exploration that I would otherwise not have found."
Sue Walker

 "The Medicine Wheel reading was a unique and pleasant participatory experience. It gave me a personal road map for using the energy of stones to achieve specific Spiritual and personal growth objectives."
Stephen Johnson

 "Suzanne is clairessence in Spiritual Oneness with Stone Spirits. With this she brings a very beautiful and profound reading of the Medicine Wheel."
Irene Louise
 Psychic Friends Network

"Suzanne is a highly developed intuitive who can guide you gently toward your own spiritual path. She speaks her truth and can teach you to acknowledge and speak your truth."
Jeannie Deluhery

 "Integrity is as integral to Suzanne's character as art is to her happiness. Her zeal indicates true inspiration and an immeasurable love for both humanity and her work."
Courtney Bolton