It was a wonderful first session Suzanne. You are very knowledgeable and I appreciate your sharing these years of learning with me. You can use me as a referral if you wish. I recommend you highly to anybody interested in learning more about the bodies they live in, and their spirit.
Pura Vida.......

Dearest Suzanne
Thank you for sharing your healing, bright light with the world. You are an instrument of loving truth and kind-hearted guidance. Wishing you a magical, beautiful, magnifico 2014. 
Much Love and Peace, 

The day has been amazing! I feel ALMOST good as new. David worked on my leg/foot two times today and it seems to be putting the finishing touch on your healing. As the day wore on, I felt better and better. Other than a little stiff back and numbness near my ankles and feet, you would never know how bad off I was yesterday. I'm going to have David show the chiropractor the windshield foot thing.... You are amazing, I can't thank you enough. 
Sending love and DEEP appreciation for you. 

Thursday I had three breathing tests at the pulmonary center. The normal range is between 80-125. Mine were all above 100 and one test was 118! So..... in 6 weeks my diagnosis went from possible "emphysema" to just "asthma" to "high normal." Sounds like a spontaneous healing as Andrew Weil would say. Thank you! Thank you!! Thank you!!! For your part in it. Your reflexology work with me at Dream Camp was spectacular and I am so grateful.
My love to you, 

Johnny has a new healthy outlook in his life, thanks to you! I will always be grateful. I thank God often for my bond with you, not only for my son, but for me too. Your amazing spirit has blessed my life and helped me to make a positive change in my world. I know I can always come to you for true wisdom and guidance, which always takes me to a better place.
Alison Telge

I can't tell you how much I enjoyed meeting and talking with you yesterday, Suzanne.  And I couldn't believe how good  my foot felt when I got out of bed this morning!  I just know that it would have been very sore and tender without your healing hands, and I thank you for that.  I thanked God for sending you to me, and I guess I'd better thank Sue for sending YOU to ME!  :)
My chiropractor, Dr. Kellams, was impressed with the way my foot looked and the range of motion that I had.  It's amazing that my foot never got black and blue.  I could see where it "tried" to, but you headed it off at the pass, and the side swelling has greatly reduced as of today. :) Thanks once again for working with me.
Kathy Lanning

Thank you so much for pampering me today. My client fell asleep for almost her whole session and I just felt so wonderful and at peace.  I still feel very good and can't wait for my good sleep and dreams!!  I'm so happy you are in my life.  
Katy Baughman

Your work was Manna from Heaven for me today; amazing we can wait so long sometimes to take care of Self.  I look forward to more!!

What a blessing you are. I am still in awe of God's Guidance to direct me to you. My gratitude is on so many levels. Your healing process that I experienced was outstanding. Oh, how I would like to avail myself of your healing energy frequently.  I use my Reflexology & Plant Medicines chart daily...practical, helpful, beautiful. Your gifts and talents are endless.  I am doing my reflexology home(foot)work every day and I can tell a difference.
Blessings and Love,
Sandra Kettle

for.......fixing my foot (I don't even have a bruise)
          helping with the crone crowning
          all your sharing and energy
          fixing my foot (no one believes I was injured)
It was great "working" with you, Suzanne, I look forward to us seeing each other in the future - Blessed be
Imagine all the world  Living life in peace,

We cannot begin to express our gratitude to you for what you have done for our family. You are a true angel here on earth and God answered our prayer bringing you back into our lives. Thank you so much for sharing your time and talents with our family and friends. It truly makes such a wonderful difference in the lives of our children. Johnny will love you forever and your connection will always be a part of his soul. He has slept like a baby the last two nights.
Love always,
Don, Alison, Elizabeth and Johnny

Yeah! I did sleep last night and did not wake up in sever pain. I was having a really rough day. Understanding that healing is a process and that it takes time is one thing. Enduring it for long periods of time it is quite another matter. You gave me what I needed yesterday. Knowing that you walked a similar path and conquered that pain is what I needed to hear and see.
I can only imagine that you were exhausted afterwards. You expended a huge amount of energy on my behalf. I cannot thank you enough. In order to heal you have to be able to outlast the pain. You give me hope to be able to do that.
Some may consider your beliefs to be "out there". I find your journey inspiring. If more of spent time working of our soul this would be a much better world;
God Bless

Hi Suzanne,
I wanted to thank you for the reflexology class on Sunday. I feel that you may be the person to help me with some health related issues I have. I would love to begin with the diabetes class you will offer. Your wisdom, kindness and sense of wonder at the offerings we have at our fingertips was touching to say the least.
Thank you again,
Jackie Wilson

Suzanne, words are so inadequate to express my deepest gratefulness for your compassion, hospitality and love. Thank you for all that you have done and continue to do with my sister's passing. I really enjoyed spending time with you and look forward to more in the future. 

Good Morning Suz,
I just wanted to say again how much it meant to me to have you do healing work on my energy and soul last night. I was actually able to sleep, and woke up starting to feel better. You are such a warm and nurturing energy and I feel so blessed to know that you are apart of our life and that you, like us, can see this life for all the beauty it holds. I learn so much from you every time I see you and I can't wait to get to know you more and more as the years go on! God Bless you Suzanne for all the wonderful energy you bring into so many people's lives! Hope your having a wonderful morning and had a good night sleep!!

"Sandy, you definitely need to talk with Suzanne. She can help you with a natural plan and she is so informative and smart about how our bodies can heal, plus she loves you dearly!  She started me and Johnny on a program and I am so excited cuz she knows what she is doing!!"
Alison Telge

 I'm sorry this is much later than I expected, however I wanted to thank you SO MUCH for the amazing reflexology treatment you gave for my husband Tim!! As we drove home, I was in awe of everything that had transpired and Tim really started asking questions. He was VERY impressed and he felt wonderful.
 I wanted to tell you that Friday he went to the Urologist and they tested his urine and it didn't show any blood! I knew it was because of the reflexology treatment! .... Tim and I were talking today and got the chance to go out in the beautiful weather. He said, when this doctor business is over, I'm going back to the reflexology lady!!! He TOTALLY believes in you and reflexology!! Now everyone he talks to he tells his story about the experience with you! He also said he's been asking questions (to himself) and doing what you told him with his feet exercises.
 SO THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!! If you want a testimony for your web site, just let me know!!

 My sister has not stopped talking about the wonderful experience she had with  you. Better than ever expected! We are in awe of your talent. Your wonderful  insights made a huge difference in her life that day. When you came out and  told all of us that she is healing it was so much what she needed to hear. You  made many blessings for her.  Every time she comes to town we will book a reflexology session with you.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!

My foot swelling problem disappeared the day after our session. I saw my GP on  Monday, (for my annual checkup) and she noticed that my right foot was bigger  (as you pointed out) and may be looser-jointed due to childhood ankle sprains.  So, for the present I'm doing much better! Thanks for sharing your excellent reflexology skills!!
 Take  care,
Trish Miller

Thank you for the wonderful reflexology session~ I felt very powerful and rejuvenated! And I especially enjoyed our lil chat! Keep in touch and best wishes!

PS. My finger got so much worse that day.....and then a lot better the next day. I processed & released a LOT of emotional stuff around that. Thank you for your wonderful therapy and all the wonderful stone people that are always my teachers. I am so grateful for your loving presence, support and friendship.

I only glanced in the envelope enough to see what it was the day you dropped off the gift certificate and just now I actually pulled it out to look at it and discovered it was a personalized gift certificate for Lindsey. It made me cry!  That is sooooooo sweet.  Thank you so much, Susanne.  I meant to tell you the other night thank you also for donating to her STAND event.  I'm grateful to have many wise and wonderful women being a source of love in Lindsey's life, including you.
Thank you also for a great reflexology presentation last Tues. night.
Much love and many blessings to you!

Suzanne, I had such a wonderful session with you. Thank you again for your care and expertise. The time seemed to fly by! I so enjoyed every moment! Thanks too for listening to my chatter and taking extra time to share your information with me. I look forward to meeting with you again in the near future.
Chris Conti

Thank you so much for the great job teaching! (Reflexology)  The students really enjoyed their time with you.  Our next session will be in March, and I'd like to increase your time by an hour or so in order for the students to practice the short session.

 I really appreciate your expertise and enthusiasm!  You are an important part of our team of instructors and I hope you will be able to continue teaching our reflexology section in the future.
US Careers

 I received your review of all 7 chapters.  Your comments are very helpful at this stage of the development.  Thank you for your time and review. Again, thank you.
Connie Kuhl
 McGraw Hill Publishing