Just want to tell you again how truly fabulous your talk was last Sunday!!! I learned so much, and it was incredibly uplifting and heartwarming!!! Rudy and I both want to thank you for doing that and for giving us marvelous information and ideas to process! I LOVE your teaching technique!
Love in the Spirit that unites us all!

I just wanted to say thank you for inspiring me :) I tentatively entered the poetry slam competition on Sunday night and I was totally surprised when I made it thru to the second round. It was the first time I had performed in 3 years in a public forum like that and my first slam. I just wanted to thank you for hosting a poetry night that motivated me to check out the mercury and hopefully make it a regular place for me as there are many like minded people there. :) Who knows I might run into the love of my life ;)

Thanks again for being amazing,

We met at the dream workshop a year ago.  I bought your large medicine wheel poster.  I didn't pay much attention to it for a long time.  But I have been enjoying it very much lately.  It is such a visual depiction of the many different things we are here to learn and it's helping me to accept the differences in other people.  I have marked on it the names of significant people in my life in their birth space.  Many of the descriptions are right on, including my own.
Marlene Wolcott

I really enjoyed & was impressed with your presentation at Aquarius Books last night! Have a safe trip to Nepal! I don't know when, but I will see you in the no too distant future! You "speak the truth" in a very convincing manner! I consider you one of my Mentors & you would be my primary Mentor if you still lived in KC.
Rob Amerine

Good morning, Suzanne,
I just wanted you to know that I enjoyed your presentation, and healing ceremony. I am so very grateful that you have been spoken to in pursuing this wonderful journey that you are on, so that you can share & teach others. This is the only way that “America“ can really start tuning in to what has already been available through our Ancestors. I have added you to my prayer list, especially that money will be coming to you in many different directions so that you can get to Nepal. What is the website for Habitat, where people can donate in your name?
Take special care, and may your love for people & Mother Earth be nourished every day!
Love & prayers,

I appreciate your response: so articulate, so very thoughtful - and, as always, so wise!
I have had 4 days alone to relax, feel, think, and do anything that I wanted to do - an amazing opportunity! My days were solitary and self-determined.
Thank you for the TIME you gave to respond, for the EFFORT you gave to my question, and for the LOVE you offer to me in your guidance and mentoring, and modeling of living life with positive intention and goodwill each day!
Sheryl Ankerstar

Thanks so much for the class on totem animals. You really have a way of opening one's eyes to the beauty that's all around them everyday and making them appreciate what it is to live on this planet.
Heather Grubb

Suzanne, I feel so much better just don't have the words to tell you how much. I just want to Hug and kiss you for all your help. That is the way I feel, it comes from my heart.
I know that is  just what we needed. In fact we both knew, it was just a matter of who and when. Kate did not suggest anyone, which she usually does. I wanted to make sure the person I chose was ok with Kate and she said.
" Yes!" right away to you being the one. You were so helpful. I will work on my homework.
 See you on Wed and I will have a hug waiting for you. A lot of things are falling in place now.
Ruth Taylor

I just wanted to recognize you as a soul infused personality. That means that your talk and your walk are in alignment. I see it and I honor it in you. I am sitting at your feet. The picture on the cover matches the what's inside. I wanted you to hear that. I thank you for your presence on earth and your presence in my life. I love you.
Janet Center

First of all, after  I read your words "I will be in Peru in Oct"  I felt such tremendous grief & praise;
Praise knowing that you are following your heart and passion and Grief knowing that this will be the first retreat that you've missed since Spring of '04 (can you believe it?!)
You have become such an integral part of the dream work process and a master of "holding the space"  Your energies will be missed in more ways than any of us can fully realize at this moment.
I will try my best to remain present in the moment of sharing the spring retreat with you and hold in my heart the image of you returning from Peru with thousands of magical stories and experiences to share!
Billie Ortiz
Dream Work Retreat Facilitator

Thanks.. You are very kind....
I was sitting here thinking that I consumed a fair amount of your time, so I appreciate your note. You don't think of folks being glad when you add more work to their day :)
That speaks very highly of you...

Please accept this gift as my token of appreciation for a beautiful life experience, complete with "North-Snow!"  It was explained to me by my teacher, when I asked about tithing that it is good to always feed those who feed your soul. Well, from my soul to your soul my siSTAR , I have been and am, well fed by you. You are a blessing in my life and I am very grateful to share this life with you.
Rena Petty

Thank you so very much...the information on the bill was helpful and I placed a call to thank the reps for not voting and gave my perspective. I am always so honored by your wisdom and your generous, kind nature which speaks truth in an honest and honoring way...

Thank you for attending the legislative hearing on HB1192 yesterday. It was great seeing you.
Thank you for your invitation to write an article for the healing path and getting coverage from the other news outlets. These are very difficult decisions to make and there needs to be discussion about it all. Many blessings to you and I so appreciate who you are and your willingness to be involved and take action. My heart always feels so blessed to have such wonderful people around me.
Much love,
Kim Green

I enjoyed the Slumber Party weekend so much. My favorite part was the hike.  I liked the mindfulness part with intent in every step.  Of course it was just heavenly for me to be outside. It's nice to meet and hang with people of like mindedness. I thought you were awesome in the cooking, pampering and teaching and in just being you which is what I love most about you anyway. Thanks for sharing!