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Reflexology and Plant Medicine Chart



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Flower of Life Poster




$40.00 Order Flower of Life T-shirt - Black
$40.00 Order Flower of Life T-shirt - Natural
$15.00 Order Flower of Life Poster


"Flower of Life" T-shirts $40 +shipping and handling
You can help educate the world about the benefits of hemp just by wearing the T-shirt that is bound to draw attention to the cause.
The "Flower Of Life" T-shirt is 55%hemp 45%organic cotton.
Proceeds go toward manifesting the Moon Circle vision. It would help me to get the best price if I have an idea of how many to order for the first run. I'm praying this goes viral and we get the flock into formation and take off into the New Beginnings of the East. Intending to have them ready for you by April 5th.
"Flower of Life" Poster (BELOW) $15 +shipping and handling
This beautifully illustrated educational tool helps embrace the necessity of using HEMP to re-create a sustainable world.
This original limited signed print, the "Flower of Life", was inspired by the knee-jerk reaction to hemp because of its association with marijuana. Both have beneficial purposes, but hemp is our ticket out of the collision course of unsustainable products. Hemp can be turned into viable protein foods, safe plastic containers for food storage, green building materials, cars and the ethanol that fuels them, clothing that is anti-microbial, anti-bacterial and anti-viral for hospital scrubs and bedding, soil remediation and fertilizers as well as 55,000 patented products. Help educate the U.S.A. about the importance of growing hemp to revitalize our culture.

Laminated Mecicine Wheel Astrology


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Medicine Wheel Astrology Original Artwork

Original Artwork............$ 50.00

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Mother Earth Journey CD

Mother Earth Journey 

        A journey is different from a meditation in that it is designed to help one reach a deeper awareness and facilitate traveling between the realms. It is beneficial to set forth clear intentions and ask for the Divine Protection before beginning the journey. You will be better able to attract the energy and the experience that is in alignment with your highest good.
        The CD is divided into four tracks. This will help you to personalize your journey, tailoring it to your needs as your skill level develops.
        The first track is the introduction and can be skipped after the first few times of listening.
        The second track begins the guided aspect of the journey. With repeated listening, you may find that you re-create the same visualization, gaining new information with subtle changes. However, it is important to allow yourself to experience new visualizations as they occur to you. This will stretch your imagination and open you to infinite possibilities. Our own inner guidance is always finding new ways to connect us with spirit and reflect back our thoughts and beliefs.
        Track three is the actual space provided for communing with Mother Earth. You may wish to repeat this section to lengthen the time of deep meditation.
        The final track is provided to help you integrate back into your physical body and resume normal brain-wave activity.
        You may wish to take time to record your thoughts and emotions after each journey. Your notes can serve as a mile marker to your growth. Images can give us clues that help us uncover the root of our beliefs. Looking at their origin helps us to determine whether these beliefs are serving us well, or are ready to be transformed. Remember that a belief is simply a repetitive thought that creates a scaffolding for our daily lives. Trust your intuition and open to your own Spirit guides. Be aware that the dominant culture does not prepare us for engaging in silence. It is common for people to feel uncomfortable, or to be pulled out of the journey by the silence. I have tried to blend the rattle, and segments of silence to orchestrate the discipline of contemplative prayer. If you feel distracted by the silence at first, try to maintain your focus. Anticipating the silence often helps to develop the ability to move through it. Silence is a powerful tool. You may wish to pause the CD at different junctures to create space for silence and time to develop certain aspects of the visualization.
        The Mother Earth Rattle is a gift from the Spirit world that brings healing  on all levels of being. The handle, made of Indian Corn, heals the physical. The head is made of clay which draws out toxic thoughts. The inside of the rattle houses the three sisters-beans, corn and squash. These heal the emotional centers. Finally, the rattle is bound by sinew and decorated with stones and feathers which bring healing on the Spiritual level.
        There were several times when the text and the rattling were perfectly aligned despite the fact that they were recorded separately. It is best to use this CD with headphones. Using headphones helps to block out other stimuli and focus on the experience at hand, allowing you to be more present to the involvement of Spirit. The rattle moves from one speaker to the other in very healing and nurturing ways. You can actually feel the energy swirl around you as it lifts your consciousness to higher levels of awareness. It is reminiscent of an experience I had in a House Ceremony and I am blessed to share it with you. I wish you well on your journey.

Totem Meditation CD

Totem Meditation 
CD $10.00

        Utilizing information about the location of an animal that you encounter in nature (or in this meditation) can help you listen more carefully to the message that animal brings. The colors of the animal as well as the number of animals that appear also are aspects that call for interpretation. (See back panel). Paying attention to the direction the animal comes from (and goes to) can help set a parameter for insights. The East represents new beginnings, new insights and the seeds of thought. This is balanced by the West which brings the lessons of the harvest, vision and quest. It is also the time of the Shaman Death and an opportunity to bring clarity to your beliefs. The South is the time of relationship, innocence and trust. This is balanced by the wisdom of the North, the time of the great give-away. It is the place where we learn about discernment rather than judgment and is the place of abundance.
        If for example, an animal appears to you from the East, but then moves in the direction of the North it may mean that a new idea or concept is coming to you and that quiet reflection and introspection will help you to gain wisdom from it. If the animal approaches from the East and turns to the South it may mean that this thought which is being seeded is calling you into action so that you might learn from applying it in you own life experience. If the appearance in the East is followed by the West it may mean that you are taking this thought to a new level by exploring the past experience and beliefs you have formed around that thought. Take time to truly recognize which beliefs serve you well and which ones you are ready to discard. It is important to trust your intuition and follow your heart without relying too heavily on literature to interpret the messages. Use these resources as a springboard for contemplation and always seek relevance in your own life.
        The music on the CD was graciously provided by Tito La Rosa and Octavio Castillo from their recording, Ritual. You can email these artists at either or
        The Totem Meditation is a joint effort to honor the Condor and the Eagle Prophecies. The instruments are from Peru and are from pre-Incan times (2000 years ago). They are traditionally used in rituals and ceremonies:  "Mother Earth sings through the ceramic instruments, Air sounding through the feather 'antaras', Water, Fire and Earth mixing and crying together inside the whistling pottery." Tito has an incredible gift for understanding vibrational healing and we are blessed by his presence for this meditation.
        Be aware that the dominant culture does not prepare us for engaging in silence. It is common for people to feel uncomfortable, or to be pulled out of the journey by the silence. I have tried to blend the excerpts of music with segments of silence to orchestrate the discipline of contemplative prayer. If you feel distracted by the silence at first, try to maintain your focus. Anticipating the silence often helps to develop the ability to move through it. Silence is a powerful tool. You may wish to pause the CD at different junctures in order to create space for silence and time to develop certain aspects of the visualization. The CD is segmented into six tracks to enable you to customize the programming to suit your developing skill levels.
        The Totem Meditation is designed to help you develop inner sanctuary and imagination. You may wish to reference these books to help you interpret the messages imparted by the totem animals:
           Dancing with the Wheel, Sun Bear, Wabun Wind, Crysalis Mulligan.
           Animal-Speak, Ted Andrews.
           Medicine Cards, Jamie Sams and David Carson.

Sculptures - the Goddesses

Ixchel is 3" x 3" x 11.5"


        Ixchel is a Mayan Moon Goddess. She is recognized as a rain goddess as well. She was full of life force energy and always wet with love. From her skirt rainbows trailed and all of the plant medicines were berthed. She is known as the Goddess of fertility, flowering and pleasure. Ixchel is associated with medicine and midwives. The moon is representational of womyn's cycles and fertility. She is often depicted holding an upside down jar representing a stop in the flow of blood associated with pregnancy and the crone. She often has claws instead of hands. Cozumel is the Island where people make pilgrimages in her honor.
        My experience while sculpting this piece was the surprise of finding the symbols coming forward. The Condor on the backside appeared after taking one swipe with my Makita grinder. It was the perfect symbol for the Mayan culture and part of my commitment to the Eagle and Condor Prophecy. The moonscape at the bottom represents her connection to the phases of the moon. Her belly is pregnant with the Tree Of Life. Several triangles representing the triple Goddess presented themselves in the piece. The rainbow on the backside depicts the meaning of her name, the seven chakras, and the flowers represent the birthing of all the diverse plants that emerged from her skirt. As a healer, I am drawn to her as the mother of all plant medicines. I am also called by her passion for life and her willingness to allow herself the pleasures of Earth.

Bridgid is 3" x 3" x 12" $800

        Bridgid, also spelled Brigit, Bridget, Bridgit, Bríd or Bride is a bridge between the Pagan and the Christian world. Raised by Druids and seen as a Goddess, she was also recognized as a Saint. In this way she managed to keep the veneration of womyn alive despite patriarchy. She is the muse of Smithing, artisans and poets. Her feast day is the day of her death, February 1st and is recognized as Imbolc or Candlemas. It marks the return of light.
        The legend of Bridgid's mantle explains her procurement of land for the convent she built at Croghan Hill. The king denied her the land she had requested which had a huge oak tree at the top of the hill. Years later, after hearing about all of the miracles she had performed, he asked her to heal his cauliflower ear. He had hidden this deformity because it was considered a sign that he was not chosen to rule. After healing his ear he agreed to giver her the land, but he told her that she could have only as much land as her mantle (cloak) would cover. The day they went to claim the land four assistants took the edges of her mantle and began walking backward in the four directions. When they were finished her garment covered the entire hillside.
        The symbols etched into this piece tell the story of her many sides. The anvil depicts her connection with the arts and the oak leaf in her hands reflects her Druid roots.  Her staff is hidden upside down in her mantle. Bridgid's cross is featured in the side above the well of Kildare. Her angel wings depict her status as a saint. The candle on the back represents the flame keepers of Kildare. The fire at Kildare was put out during the fourteenth Century. In the 1970's a group of feisty feminist nuns re-lit the fire. Keepers of the flame are in covenants of 19 and hold prayer vigils. In this way the flame is always kept burning. Tapers lit from the fire of Kildare are passed to the new members in order to light their candles and keep the original flame burning in their hearts.
        When you sit in contemplation with this piece it brings inspiration for creativity. The fiery passion of Bridgid ignites our desire to be of service to others with compassion. Expect miracles that come from kindness to flourish in your life while working with her.