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The IonCleanse® Enhancement System
Is IonCleanse safe?
Yes. The device is designed with three safety checks and has been FCC and CE approved. You can check out the safety status and approval at

How can mucous and yeast come out of my feet?
The skin is designed to excrete toxins from the body. The salt that is added to the footbath closely matches the salinity of your body. Basically, your body can't tell the difference between you and the water surrounding you. This makes the skin more permeable, allowing molecular debris to pass through.

How will this make me feel?
Most people feel lighter and more energized by the experience. If you feel fatigued or drained then you should look into spacing your treatments farther apart and focus on supplementation to maintain balance.

What kinds of organic material are found in the bath after a session?
Urea (ammonia), Creatinine (protein), Transmembrane Glucose

• IonCleanse — $25

30-minute session

• Bring-A-Friend — $15 each

Bring a new customer to the office
You each receive a 30-minute session for $10 off!

• IonCleanse Plus — $60

30 minutes of IonCleanse PLUS 30-minute reflexology session (relaxation/circulation therapy)

• Complete Care — $90

30-minute IonCleanse PLUS 1-hour reflexology session (full acupressure point therapy)

• IonCleanse Punch Card (Best Value) — $140

Seven sessions saves you $35!

CLICK each for more information

        "I have experienced a lot of improvement this week, and have had increased range of motion in my knees. I still have a ways to go, but I don't feel 90 years old anymore, thank goodness!  and this week, I've had a lot of mucus discharge, which I'm seeing as a positive sign.  this is so interesting!  I told several people about it last night at a weight loss group I visited as a speaker, and told of my results. It really is amazing, and I'm so grateful to you for helping me with this in such a personal way."

        "I felt by doing seven sessions...I was treating my body well. It was a simple, painless way to detoxify which I had never done before. I think the results are not always tangible immediately when we do something good for ourselves, but it's important to have faith that as we heal ourselves we add something positive to the universe as well. I would do it again and recommend the IonCleanse to others."

        "After my first session I experienced some diarrhea and after the second I had a little nausea.  I wasn't sure at first the symptoms were related to the IonCleanse but later concluded they probably were. By the end of my sixth session my body was clearly showing results of detoxification in the color of the water and I was feeling energized and invigorated with a feeling of well being."

        "I did several ion sessions and noticed a change in both the color and the particulates in the water over the course of the sessions. This may indicate that, as I progressed through the treatments, I was eliminating different toxins from my system. The whole process was painless and made me feel like I was doing something good for my body."

        "The first change I noticed was that the age spots on my hands faded significantly. Then some wrinkles on my face disappeared while others were softened. The dark circles under my eyes were improved significantly by the 8th session. I feel positive about the experience and am more mindful of what I am putting into my body. The side effects were worth the results!"

        "It was a relaxing half-hour every time, and my feet and I left happy.  Since I did a concentrated program, I found that I became deficient in some minerals.  That was quickly remedied by taking cell salts.  Once that initial phase was over, I seemed to have more energy and felt lighter and happier.  I marked the success of the program by a small problem that I had with one of my finger joints.  It had become swollen and sore.  The discomfort was greatly diminished by the end of the program.  It has since returned, so I know that I will need to continue on a regular basis to keep this small problem at bay.  I recommend the ion cleanse program to anyone interested in improving their overall health."

        "My personal experience with the Ion cleanses stimulated fascination more than anything.  The waste that was excreted from my body correlated with how I was feeling inside which was validating.  For instance, mucus was eliminated during a time when I had a mild cold.  The changes were not dramatic for me mostly because I have done many cleanses over my lifetime and I live a very healthy lifestyle, which makes sense that there would not be extreme changes in my body.  I did intuitively know that I was doing something to stimulate change in my body, it just happened to be more of a mild shift.  I particularly liked having reflexology sessions afterward because I feel like Suzanne's touch combined with her knowledge of the oils stimulates healing on many levels.  Personally, I feel it is the combination of the Ion Cleanse with the Reflexology and oils and Suzanne's intention that makes such a powerful healing tool.  I recommend using the Ion cleanse in combination with Reflexology and oils to get a jump start on healthy living."

        "I found the ion cleansing process to be very interesting. I was impressed with how each progressive session showed different and improved results, and felt that toxins were indeed being removed from my body. The ion cleanse for me is one part of an overall health conscious lifestyle and I feel that combined with a wholesome diet, exercise, and other holistic treatments that it helps my body perform in a more efficient way. Suzanne has been very good at explaining the way the process and being proactive in monitoring my body's reactions. The ion cleanse has been a very positive experience for me."

        "My purpose in using the Ioncleanse was to detox from heavy metals, toxins, yeast & lactic acid. To remove any accumulated toxins from feet & ankles. To assist the liver in functioning better.
To increase my immune system response since many of my clients have various degrees of dis-ease (physically, energetically, emotionally) and I have also had a lot of stress. I also wanted to clear and release any respiratory viruses, bacteria and stressors. Cleansing makes my energy levels increase & I feel better, lighter, clearer. Had slight detox reaction as noted the next day, then felt really good for several days with more energy.  After the 4th session, The water was much clearer compared to my 1st session and the sessions I did several years ago."

        " It felt relaxing, but the bucket looked disgusting. Not only could I feel the energy in my body when it shifted cycles, I could see the changes. It is refreshing! It was stress relieving."

        "Makes my feet feel better and cleaner than in the shower. No significant body changes. It's a cool concept, but I'm still skeptical. I see some merit in it or I wouldn't have done it. I know it makes me feel energized and charged."

        "I'd had a previous experience with a similar machine, (biocleanse) leaving me skeptical. Suzanne patiently answered all my questions while lovingly tuning to my needs. I'd recommend  Ion Cleanse to anyone needing detox or experiencing mysterious symptoms.  Because I've been a long-term smoker, we expected some serious toxicity from  me but the results were in more of a normal range. Perhaps it was because I live at a higher altitude and breath lots of fresh air above the smog belt."

        "I wanted to see if it could help me kick my tobacco habit. From the very beginning the water smelled like smoke and looked dark and gross. I began sweating while I was doing the foot bath and also sweated more in my sleep. The scent of the sweat was different and felt like it was detoxing a lot out of my system. Although I have not managed to stop smoking, doing the bath has made me even more conscious of the negative effects it has on my body and is providing a deeper desire to be careful of what I put in. I have cut back substantially and am hopeful that if I do another seven sessions it will remove enough of the nicotine from my system to quiet my craving."