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          Enjoy a reflexology session designed to induce deep relaxation and bring balance to all levels of being. A reflexology session using plant medicines provides stimulus to move energies along meridian lines in the body. All organs have an acupressure touch point in the feet. Reflexology induces deep relaxation; revitalizes energy; opens and clears neural pathways; increases circulation, oxygen and nutrients. It helps to combat the effects of stress; stimulates the endocrine system; strengthens the immune system; stabilizes glandular activity; increases endorphins and breaks down and dissolves uric acid and calcium deposits. The plant medicines are synergistic and are adaptogens, able to establish the proper balance emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually.
        What makes my sessions unique is a focus on the emotional and spiritual realms through the movement of energy. It was working with the Medicine Wheel that led me to the plant medicines and reflexology. The Medicine Wheel is designed to help us reach balance on all levels of being. Reflexology grounds and balances the positive and negative currents of energy flowing through the body: the yin and yang; action, inaction; creative, receptive aspects of our nature. A session can re-pattern beliefs to optimize growth helping to regenerate and encode new messages in the matrix of the life force fields.
        In our culture we tend to run our bodies into the ground and then run to the doctor for an RX. In contrast, I want to teach people how to heal themselves. Our guidance is always trying to communicate with us through the messenger of our own bodies. Reflexology creates a line of communication. It is a form of preventative medicine, and I encourage people to take back their power by illustrating moves that they can do at home to optimize their health. Nurturing your body through self-touch is very important to over all well being. It is a tangible way to know and love ourselves more fully.
        I see the session as a type of ceremony where my contribution is to hold space and provide a safe place for emotional release work. The session is comprised of rhythms and patterns from the natural world. Every movement is orchestrated with the sacred geometry of the Medicine Wheel. When I am working with the lymph system, for example, I work with the moon and the numbers 13 and 28. This helps return a healthy flow of Chi in the body.
        Reflexology is a wonderful modality for bringing balance of the mind, body and soul.

        For more information, please read Plant Medicines: Past Perspectives, Future Prospects by Suzanne Rougé.

These are photos of the feet of a man who suffers from diabetes and gout

Gout before Reflexology with Suzanne Gout before Reflexology with Suzanne
Gout after Reflexology with Suzanne Gout after Reflexology with Suzanne
before after
reflexology with Suzanne.



         Reflexology is an ancient art of healing. It is widely believed that it was first practiced in China five thousand years ago. The oldest documentation of reflexology was unearthed in Egypt through pictographs dated around 2500-2330 BC. Ancient people saw the practice as a form of preventative medicine. The Cherokee Indians of North Carolina have long acknowledged the importance of the feet in maintaining balance and health. The women of the Bear Clan who practice reflexology are known as "moon maidens." Jenny Wallace, a Native of the back hills of the Alleghenies, says: "The feet walk upon the earth and through this your spirit is connected to the universe." Inge Dougan, a pioneer in blending reflexology with Chinese meridian lines, states, "Energy is the basis for all life and a vital factor in healing... A more comprehensive knowledge of energy will enhance one's understanding of the interconnectedness of all things in the universe."

 How does using acupressure on the feet improve health?
Approximately 70% of all disorders are related to stress and nervous tension. Negative emotions like anxiety, grief, fear, doubt and worry cause chemical changes in the body that erode our health. Reflexology is a powerful antidote to these stress-induced imbalances. Relaxation is the first step to normalization and reflexology is designed to induce a deep state of relaxation. When the body is relaxed it begins to align and heal. The goal of reflexology, then, is to trigger a return to a state of equilibrium.

 What is a reflex action?
A reflex is an unconscious or involuntary response to a stimulus. In reflexology, pressure is applied to trigger points which activate an electro-chemical nerve impulse that is conducted to the central nervous system via a sensory (afferent) neuron. This message is received by the ganglion and is transmitted via a motor (efferent) neuron which then causes a response. Reflexology, by stimulating thousands of nerve endings in the feet, encourages the opening and clearing of neural pathways.

 How does the endocrine system factor in?
The endocrine system is an intricate network of glands which secrete hormones directly into the blood. Hormones are powerful chemical substances that affect every bodily activity. If any of the seven principal glands is disrupted, the whole body is thrown off balance. Thoughts and emotions are affected by the glands, and personality is determined by gland function. If gland function is harmonious, one will have a positive outlook. If it is disharmonious, one will become depressed. Reflexology, by stimulating the electrical energy, has a subsidiary effect on the chemical energy.

 How does reflexology effect circulation?
Eunice Ingham's favorite saying was, "Circulation is life. Stagnation is death." The expansion and constriction of blood vessels is essential to the level of oxygen and nutrients reaching the organs and tissues of the body. It is also necessary for the excretion of toxins from the blood stream. The increased state of relaxation during a treatment aids the excretory systems as well as stimulating the flow of blood through the body. Studies have proven that reflexology helps to normalize blood pressure.

 What if I am in too much pain to relax?
                The body produces its own painkillers known as endorphins. They are five to ten times stronger than morphine. According to the Gate Theory, the nervous system can only respond to a limited amount of sensory information at one time. When the nervous system becomes overloaded it short-circuits, or closes a gate, reducing the amount of sensory information available for processing. The application of reflexology encourages the body to produce more endorphins while the pressure confuses the body with too many sensations which closes the "pain gates". Combining breath work with reflexology helps a person move through pain.

 If reflexology closes the pain gates, then why is a treatment sometimes painful?
Grainy crystal deposits, which cause pain during a treatment, are believed to be calcium deposits that have settled beneath the skin surface at the nerve endings. Excess acidity in the blood stream increases calcium deposits in any organ in the body. These crystals impede the circulation of blood flow. The feet are a prime target for these deposits because of the many nerve endings located there. In addition, the blood flow has to be circulated back from the feet against gravity causing deposits to settle. Restrictive shoes further impact this situation. Reflexology helps to break down these deposits and increases the circulation necessary to remove the residue through the elimination systems.

 What about the benefits of reflexology to the spiritual body?
Our feet also play a major role in our spiritual health. The feet serve as antennae for the electro-magnetic energies flowing to and from the earth. The solar plexus serves as the center of spiritual balance and an umbilical chord to nature. You can feel the connection between your feet and your solar plexus. For example, when your feet are cold you can feel a tightening of the solar plexus. Stimulating the feet not only increases physical circulation it serves as a means of opening the crown chakra. Reflexology helps to break up stagnant energy on an etheric as well as physical level.

 Why treat yourself to a reflexology session?
The answer is simple: to enhance the mind, body, spirit connection and facilitate the body's natural healing process.

*The Art of Reflexology, by Inge Dougan
Many blessings in gratitude to John Walpole for apprenticing people into this beautiful healing art.

  • Reviewed a book for McGraw Hill: Practical Reflexology by Watson-Voner.
  • Taught Reflexology short sessions to massage students for US Careers Institute.
  • Written numerous articles and made presentations addressing the needs of special interest groups.
  • Created & Published an artistic and educational Plant Medicine Reflexology Chart for home reference. $10
  • Certified from Feet First Reflexology Training - John Wallpole.