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 Moon CircleMISSION
   The purpose of the Moon Circle is to help re-establish and honor the role of the feminine in the modern world. The basic idea is to introduce to the 21st Century some of the positive aspects of the traditional moon lodge. I think there are relevant aspects that translate into our modern day world. 
     Now is the time for the Divine Feminine to come into balance in order to usher in the Age of Aquarius. The Moon Circle provides a space for women to connect to support the growth of other women. Each Moon Link will consist of a Wise Blood Woman, a menopausal woman, a childbearing age woman and an adolescent girl.

Indigenous cultures are commonly matriarchal, or at least matrifocal. A woman was honored during her menstrual flow, or moon time. This was considered the blood of creation and was both revered and believed to be powerful in both positive and negative ways. There was a separate lodge where women went when they were on their "moon" in order to cleanse, similar to the "Red Tent" in the Hebrew tradition.
     While a woman was in the Moon Lodge, a Wise Blood Woman, an elder who served as a mentor, would take care of her needs and responsibilities. This Wise Blood Woman, or surrogate grandmother, cared for the children, did household chores and also brought food, water and fresh moss (used as feminine pads). She would nurture the woman, doing massage and administering appropriate herbs to aid in her comfort. During her moon time a woman was considered to be most open or receptive to Spirit and to vision, so she was given the time and space to be inward and reflective. When she left the lodge she would share any insights, visions or messages with the medicine women. In the modern world it is difficult to set aside the entire moon time for quiet contemplation, but there are things we can do to provide a respite for our sisters. A grandmother might do a little baby sitting, provide a meal, or take her moon time friend out for lunch. Anything that seems to fit their personal relationship. If they share an interest or skill, they may spend some time together quilting, painting or developing business proposals.

The benefits of re-establishing aspects of the Moon Circle are numerous: building community; inter-generational relationships; valuing the input of elders; mentorship to pass down essential skills and information; group support; the acknowledgement of rights of passage; and the honoring of the Sacredness of a woman's blood and its importance to future generations.

Full Moon
(Gratitude blessing)
(What is a Gratitude Blessing?)
     The moon ceremonies are designed to help a person come into balance with the natural rhythms established by the cycles of theNew Monn moon. Because 75% of our bodies are made up of water, we, like the tides, are affected by the moon at deep levels of emotion and psychic energy. This undercurrent can aid us in surrendering to the flow of divine consciousness.
     The phases of the moon are used as calendars for action and inaction. We can be guided to wiser decisions when we allow the phases of the moon to slow us down and provide time for reflection. Disciplining ourselves to pause and ponder before doing or saying anything helps us to step into our power and allow ourselves to be guided.

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(Gratitude blessing)
(What is a Gratitude Blessing?)

Tslasi Damce of Life
       The Tslagi Dance of Life is a physical movement meditation/ prayer. The essence of this movement is to honor, share, and integrate the spiritual gifts and qualities of the Four Directions. It involves stretching to detoxify the body and breath to bring inner calm and clarity. Wisdom is discovered and expressed in the balancing of each of the Four Directions. The dance relieves the stresses of the mind and opens our hearts to gather healing energies
Ceremonies and Celebrations Click for Ceremonies and Celebrations (Arranged by appointment.)
The Moon Circle provides a space for  celebration and ceremony of the stages of a woman's  journey.
All of my  ceremonies are designed to be co-created with the people involved. We work together on the planning to more fully express your intentions. We  can add to or delete any aspects to tailor the ceremonies to suit your needs  and desires.
The Moon Circle will host monthly community events featuring a variety of women's topics. Listed are some of the past speakers:
Don Alvarez Pam Babbitt Linda R. Backman, Ed.D. Leslie Botha-Williams Lisa Carlet Hugh Castor
Marianne Cenko Karen Christophersen Paul Chubbuck Len Cooper Bryce Curtis Mindy de Marmion
Holly Denning Dr. Laura DeVoe Ava Diamond Ed Fell Aspen Karen Fischer Dr. Judi Gerstung
Debra Gordy Matthew Harmon Stephen Hatch Linda Hoffman Stephen Johnson Michelle Justice
Jason Kirkey Debra Lambert Carl Lantz Nancy Lee Wil Lewis Amy Lockwood
Janice Lynne Alan McAllister Susan Mead Yanna Rose Michael Gary (Hobo) Morys Mark Muller
Margie Mulligan Carmen Myrtis-Garcia Lonnie Nordell Kelly O'Donnell Billie Ortiz Sabré Page
Barbara Pals Kim Pentecost Lori Ann Perrin Kathy Pike Eileen Pinedo Kathryn Plummer
Lauri Pointer Rahchayl Rain Cindy Roberts Suzanne Rougé Martha Sage Sara Saltee
Mary Schneider Katherine Skaggs Bailey Stenson Edie Stone Leslie Sutton Kate Taylor
Tony Tucker Cathy Ulrich Janelle Washburne Dana Kunze Kate Wegrzyn Catherine Workman
Tori Yarbrough