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Suzanne Rougé
I am dedicated to serve as a Hollow Bone to facilitate the healing of my clients and Mother Earth. Whatever we heal in ourselves we heal in the whole. Healing is not about being cured; it is about becoming whole again. The elimination of symptoms is in direct relationship to reclaiming and balancing aspects of ourselves so that we can offer our gifts more fully. I am merely a catalyst to help you clarify your thoughts or perhaps, provide information that helps you to shift your perspective. Everything I offer is related to finding balance and restoring personal power.

I believe...

...Each individual houses the center of the Universe within the recesses of their own soul. These teachings can help to unlock the passages that lead to your inner sanctuary.

...We are all called to be keepers of the earth and ceremonies help us to center ourselves and connect with the energies that can assist our healing. When we become more consciously aware, we add to the collective consciousness in fruitful ways. This brings balance to the collective unconscious behaviors that are fueling the miscreations of our culture.

...Working with the Spirit Keepers, elemental clans, as well as the totems of plants, minerals and animals, can teach you more about the natural world and your place within it. All things are connected and the thoughts and actions of each affect the whole.

...Becoming in tune with the rhythm of nature helps each of us heighten our own senses and feel more vital and alive. This flow of life force energy is the presence of Spirit and the more we access it, the more able we are to allow it to flow through us. This is what is meant by becoming a light unto the world.

...We are the microcosm of the macrocosm. We attract everything that we experience in life as an opportunity to consciously recognize our thought patterns and beliefs. When we are willing to see the blessing in every circumstance, we create space for solutions. Creative inspiration has an effect on past, present and future outcomes.

I invite you to dance to the sounds of the Universe, to play a part in ushering in the balance of the Divine, to move fluidly with polarities, embracing the paradox and freeing your life force energy.
Bring your gift fully into the world. ~Suz

Kybele Worldwide

Celebration from Conni!

In 2002, I was talking with my Aunt Rose after making her website, and she mentioned that she had a friend named Suzanne who had been thinking about her own website. Suzanne was out of town so I could not speak with her. Auntie told me the name of Suzanne's website, so I went ahead and purchased the name and web server space, knowing that if Suzanne had not been ready for the speed at which I was working, I could just hang onto the product. suzandme2007.jpg (70612 bytes)

"I had a high school student working on my web site. He threw in the towel and Rose told me about Connie. She scooped up the conference idea and created the most beautiful, organic looking site for me. I was thrilled. Three months later we began the work of putting the site together. Five years later we get to celebrate the e-mail friendship we have established in person!  Connie is a blessing."

This has been a weekend I will never forget. Suzanne has filled a hole that had just opened in my life while making my house a home.

September 7, 2007

Crooked Hands

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