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Albino oregano

Albino oregano

I had read the message from Arvol Lookinghorse right before I went to sleep. He had mentioned remembering the white animals who have come to remind us of the sanctity of life.

The prophecy stated that when the thirteenth white buffalo was born it would mark the changing times when the tree of life would flower again. People of all nations would return to Mother Earth with love, respect and nurturing. Perhaps the oil spill will be the tragedy that wakes us up. The call to action that returns us to right relationship with the natural world.

My mind drifted back to the memory of walking to the side fence so I could get a better look at the white buffalo in Flagstaff. When she noticed me, she came right over for a scratch behind the ears.

I was elated to touch this part of the prophecies unfolding. As the memory faded, I said some prayers for the Gulf infusing them with the joy and hope I felt in being so close to such a Sacred beast, and fell fast asleep.

The next morning I went into my garden to harvest and thin out a large patch of oregano that was choking out my lilies of the valley. There, in the center of the bunch, was a glorious albino oregano! Her glowing crown radiating amongst the dark green leaves that flanked her.

I was overjoyed to see her and ran inside for my camera. I prayed for two days about what to do. Being exposed to the sun was intense for her and the tips of her leaves were browning

I decided that she wanted to be consumed as medicine and nourishment. I put her in a vase and gave a leaf to every person who came to my house that week.

As I placed the succulent white leaf on my tongue, as meaningful to me as the Eucharist, I felt honored and humbled to be in her presence.

Truly, the prayers offered up the night before, manifested as confirmation that comforts me. My life, which has become a living prayer, is so richly blessed.

Life is not rewarded by money or material things. Abundance is recognizing that access to the wisdom of the whole universe is locked within each of us. Living with a vigilant awareness of the sanctity of life is the key to our greatest treasure.

Sleeping with my shadow

Sleeping with my shadow

One of the things that I am learning is how to stay more present to the peculiar. This morning, as I went to make my bed, I came upon this site.

I have been contemplating the Jungian concepts of shadow and bright shadow. Laying awake thinking about all the relationships that have come to tell me what I am unwilling to see in myself.

The projective dream work I have done thus far, has been guarded in terms of the dreams I’ve been willing to share. Standing naked with the dream, “I had last night,” is a little too revealing..

Yet, I recognize that is the only way I am able to become intimate with my own shadow. To listen first thing in the morning to the whisper of my dreams as they fade back into the void. Sometimes just a snippet, like the shattering of light, is enough to reveal our deepest drama.

Like pressing an elevator button to the next floor, our dreams give us the opportunity to elevate our consciousness.

Symbols of the dreams open like the wide mouth of the elevator and illuminate our awareness. The more enlightened we become to our own shadow the more we contribute to the evolution of the cosmos.