August 3, 2010

Hi! I booked my flight to Nepal tonight and I will be travelling through the month of October. I start with a Habitat for Humanity build in Pokhara. I will be working with 460 people from around the world to build 50 houses in ten days.

The houses were all funded by micro financing. Instead of each family striving for a home, eight families pooled their resources in order to earn one house at a time. A much more efficient way to get ahead and meet a fundamental need.

As a teacher, I was dedicated to collaboration instead of competition. This is a beautiful illustration of the power of community and seeking a win-win solution.

The remainder of my stay I will be living primitively with a shaman learning about natural ways of healing utilizing Earth honoring techniques.

I feel called to do this work at this auspicious time in the evolution of the planet. I am dedicated to the task of morphing ancient ways into our future. They are simple, natural ways of healing that can create profound shifts on all levels of being. Those of you who have experienced  the Hucha Ceremony understand what a powerful catalyst for change it can create. I feel both honored and humbled to have been initiated to bring this tool to our community. I know there are many more blessings just waiting for me to retrieve and make relevant in the modern world.

If I had been born in another place in time, my work would have been supported by the community to whom I served. In the modern world, it is difficult to feel that sense of belonging and support.

My work is motivated by a desire to be a hollow bone and a conduit of Divine Love. I do not have set hours.  I have had people land on my doorstep at midnight with a genuine need for a session, and it was my joy to be there to assist.

I believe in Divine Providence, and my ceremonial work is done on a gratitude blessing basis. It is based on the principle of reciprocity where giving and receiving are held in the balance of appreciation.

This next adventure will cost about $5,000, and I need your help. I would love to slip you in my pocket so you can tag along on my journey. In exchange for your donation I will:
Send updates about my experiences, insights and teachings.
Make video available for you to check in and see, hear and be inspired by my interaction with people from half way around the world.
Invoke your name, visualize your face and connect your energy to each Medicine Wheel I build with blessings for you and your loved ones.
Return to you with deeper wisdom, expanded consciousness and new tools to better serve and support your journey.
Provide a means by which you can experience the thrill of adventure from the comfort of your computer. I offer a no risk way to live vicariously and step boldly into a more meaningful way of being.

The research I am gathering will eventually be assimilated into a book. My hope is that this book will be helpful to all of us, as well as future generations. These ancient ways, and the elders who carry them, are dying off. The indigenous way of life that is in harmony with the Earth and all living beings is near extinction.

The dominant culture has detached from the natural rhythms and sanctity of life. Like a droning sound in the background, we have been lulled into a deep sleep. This unconscious detachment undermines the potential renaissance on the horizon of humanity. It is with urgency that I make this quest before these teachings and ceremonies disappear from the collective awareness.

Please contribute what you can and with sincere appreciation, I promise to serve the highest best possible good.

The deadline for tax deductable donations in my name with Habitat for Humanity is Aug. 15th.
You can also make checks payable to Suzanne Rouge up until my departure Sept. 25th.
Bright Blessings

September 27, 2010

Well, I think everyone is snuggled into my pocket for this next adventure. I am taking a deep breath today and feeling a rush of wind that up lifts my spirit.

By now you have all been introduced to my dear friend and web designer, Connie Goulet-Dion. She is very helpful so if you have questions let her know. I am grateful for her enthusiasm at learning new things and her expertise in following through. It allows me to remain my simple self. My ensuing departure is like hearing the clickety clack of the roller coaster track as we make our ascent. I could not embrace this journey without her hand to hold.

A special thanks to Markham who has also helped me climb a learning curve with my new computer. Thanks Billie for helping with SKYPE. Blessings to Karen Marcus for editing. Great Gratitude to Katherine Skaggs for entrusting me to paint your house. I had the cart before the horse and you righted that, enabling me to cover my expenses at home. Thanks to Alison and the St Louis parents who bought me a lap top computer so my Blackberry $$$$ could take a rest.

Thanks to all of you who have so generously contributed to the actualization of this dream. Together we managed to raise $1,800 for Habitat and $1,500 for my travel expenses. Truly I am blessed and inspired by living out  Divine Providence like Mother Theresa. I feel all the love coming back to me. I am secure that this book is ready to manifest and that it will serve many. I am now among the ones who call themselves Cross Cultural Wisdom Teachers. Can hardly wait to share my experiences with you.



September 30, 2010

I left my house at 8:45 am on Tues 28th. It is now noon on Thurs 30th. I have hooked up with several Habitat volunteers and we are trying to retrieve lost luggage. Mine came through safely.

I am exhausted and in need of a bath and a bed. I am putting up prayers for a hot tub!
The trip was plagued by weather delays and a little turbulence. At one point it felt like bumper cars with clouds.

We had an 11hr lay over in Mumbia India. 2hrs were spent in a holding tank that was crowded and noisy. After that we had a nice lounge to stay in with comphie couches, food and drink. They had a shower in the men’s room, but not in the women’s. The penis is paramount everywhere in the world. So I played butch and took my chances. The shower had a door and no men were using the urinals when I exited. Whew!

I witnessed the shanty towns along the airport as we were taxing out of Mumbia. Little children watching in a doorway as the plane took off. It made me feel good about the service I will soon be providing.

Kathmandu was beautiful flying in. Green and mountainous. Already I am intrigued by the botany. Tiny pompus grass and black with purple headed grass on the run way. Can hardly wait to get into the country side.

The people are friendly and welcomed us with scarves. I am experiencing that blissfully disoriented, content-in- the-moment feeling of discovering a new place in the world.

Missionaries of Charity

Missionaries of Charity

October 2, 2010

I asked the man at the desk to call a taxi to take me to the Missionaries of Charity. He did not know where it was. He asked around, but he couldn’t find it. So I started walking. I walked for two hours along the crowded, dusty streets. I stopped for water and asked for directions. To my happy surprise, the shopkeeper spoke English and told me to go back to the intersection and take a left. It turned out to be just around the corner. 

I arrived while the children were resting. The sister brought me to an office and gave me some cards with photos and quotes from Mama T. She visited with me and was fascinated by my flip. I gifted her some of the money that you gifted me. She informed me I had to wait 1 1/2hrs. to volunteer.

To pass the time I was meditating with my eyes closed. Suddenly, there was a very bright light. I thought one of the sisters had opened the door, but there was no sound of footsteps or the door opening. I could feel a presence and Mother came to sit next to me. Reading my thoughts she said, “Don’t be disappointed. You do not waste your time sitting here in silence. Come and sit with me for this hour. Quiet your mind and be still with me for a little while. There is time for work and there is much to be done, but without taking time to be still we are empty-hollow. We have nothing to give without silence. You have come a long way. So take this time to know me, for I am here with you always and I will fill your heart to overflowing.”

I had felt the need to cry for several weeks, but could not let the tears flow. As I sat there imagining her hand covering mine the tears spilled over the brim. I did not open my eyes or move. I just felt hot and wet streaming down my cheeks and falling. I was devoid of any emotion and disconnected from anything. No thought, just the sensation of hot and wet. 

The two nuns that had greeted me opened the door to the room and I opened my eyes. They said they had to go out and at 3pm, I should go upstairs and be with the children. I could tell that the light streaming through the door was different from the light I had experienced earlier. I went to wipe my face and there were no tears. No evidence that I had been crying. All of it had felt so real. Maybe it was jet lag, or my own imagination? It left me feeling a deep solace and release. I was light-hearted and free. My soul was filled with a deep satisfaction and peace. Of all the things to do in Kathmandu I had managed to find the healing my heart needed. Mother Theresa is so embedded in my soul and to have walked in her footsteps is a treasure. It makes me pause and reflect on the guidance of the heart and the ability to observe the moment. This one could have been missed. It was a fleeting moment in a racing van that was forced by traffic to stop long enough for me to see the understated sign. My only day in Kathmandu gave my heart the greatest gift I could have asked for. The power of clear intent is evident in a world of serendipity. I have been touch deprived lately and to give loving touch to these orphaned children filled me to the brim and I am overflowing with wonder and joy.

October 4, 2010

We started the build today. The foundation and frame were already done. I worked at weaving and it is fun, but tiring. My crew is wonderful with lots of experience so we really made good progress. The country side is very green. The temp is very hot and humid. The people dress in such bright, beautiful clothing. It is very interesting to see their daily life. The family we are building for has a grandmother, middle aged couple, sister, 3 sons and a daughter. They are helping out and thrilled. The daughter goes to school and speaks some English. It is a very powerful thing to experience their excitement and appreciation. I am trying to send photos and videos. Hopefully soon. I will build a medicine wheel and pray for all of you tomorrow (Mon)

October 4, 2010

i am having trouble getting the videos to send wifi doesn”t work here accept sporadically. Please be patient and i will get reports to you soon> i have great video clips i am anxious to share

October 4, 2010

October 4, 2010

October 4, 2010

October 4, 2010

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