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The Occupy movement is a monumental event because it is intended to awaken and educate people about the truth of what is going on in America. In the 60′s, people also took to the streets to exercise their right to speak out against injustice. Civil rights and the Vietnam War were the focus then, although, just like now, many other agendas were also brought forward.

It was a tumultuous time ripe for impetus for change. Much of that progress is now integrated into our culture and World View. Indigenous people say that it takes seven generations to effect and integrate social changes. Poverty and prejudice still exist, but are less blatant now. Opportunities for people of color and women have opened up so that everyone has the right to develop their true potential. We still have a long way to go, and the discrepancy between the haves and the have nots is an obstacle that deprives our nation of its collective brilliance.

Peaceful protest is an aspect of our 1st Amendment rights that calls us to the highest expression, not only of speech, but of “being”. Often, protesters with good intentions, will provoke an incident because they are holding animosity and frustration in their hearts. When the intention is to join together with a state of inner peace we have the positive potential of truly shaping a future outcome. That is why meditating and staying centered while picketing is essential. Energy is energy and fuel for the fire. It can be the torch of destruction or the flame of transformation. What we need is cohesive, co-creative, conscious, linguistically non-violent anarchy.

What brings people out in peaceful protest now is the injustice of the monetary system. The wheels that were set in place by the power elite at the turn of the last Century have reaped havoc in our world. Capitalism is like a cancer that has spread even to the most remote areas of the planet. The economic infrastructure was corrupt from the beginning and is now being exposed. 1% of the people control most of the currency and, as a result, the policies that limit 99% of us.

Debt is the modern way to enslave laborers. Alan Grayson recently pointed out that there is a problem when 24 million Americans can’t find full-time work. 50 million can’t afford to see a doctor when they are sick, and 47 million people can’t afford to feed themselves. 15 million working Americans are making payments on mortgages for more than their homes are worth. Those involved have to take responsibility for putting their necks in the noose, but the puppeteers at the top must take responsibility for setting the system up to fail. The housing and
higher education bubbles have burst because of the selfish desire of the banking industry.

It is not difficult to see the effects of greed and the impact it has on all socio-economic classes. The thing that is difficult to see is the interconnectedness of the world economy. Everything is now precariously perched, and what happens in our country has a trickle down effect in every culture. That fact makes the solutions difficult because if you tinker with one thing it will have an effect on many other aspects. The mismanagement of money and resources creates suffering in the world.

The truth is that money is just a piece of paper. Interest on debt has become the substance of legal tender. The only power it commands is in our agreement to use it as a form of communication. It is a way to move energy in a tangible form. You can turn abstract dollars into lots of different things.


There is a bigger picture that is becoming clear. Divine Providence (manifesting what you need) is designed to free all of us from the mindset of money. If you believe you have enough, you will have what is needed. This is a moment in time for us to claim what we are capable of manifesting. It is not just for the lucky few; it is our birthright, and claiming it will equalize the advantages each of us is entitled. Faith, trust that all is well, and the belief we can stay steady in the midst are the mental tools we need to utilize in order to build a new and improved world for the next generation.

This is not a time to be afraid. Chaos is the birthplace of all possibilities, and instability is necessary in order to get unstuck from out dated beliefs. As a teenager I pondered why the German people allowed their neighbors to be taken? It was ignorance and the mass trance that hypnotized a nation.  We are once again lulled by the propaganda of mass media and frightened of being singled out. The Patriot Act levels a heavy consequence when the label of terrorist replaces the label of patriot. We must reclaim the foundation our ancestors envisioned for this country.

In the 60′s, I couldn’t contribute directly because I was too young to travel. At 50, I can move my body in alignment with my convictions. I have participated in Fort Collins and Denver and am heading to NYC in December to add my energy and intention to the collective. I realize that not everyone wants to risk being pepper sprayed, injured by rubber bullets or arrested for a felony while documenting police brutality and abuse of power. Interacting with riot police that are being funded by the big banking industry carries a risk because of adulterated perspectives on what is being protected. Is it the people or the power elite?

It concerns me though, when people are unwilling to see what is happening. We have become the victims of comfort, complacent and disconnected, but now, you can participate ndirectly. Social media and the access to information on the internet have provided avenues for a collective voice to make an impression. You can access and connect to this movement from the comfort of your computer. I urge you to search Occupy and become aware of the shift that is occurring because it is an investment in your future and the world our children’s children will inherit. Talk about it with your family, friends and Facebook connections. Participate in the process of democracy before the meaning of it disappears.

The best way to create change is to be the change you want to see. ~Suzanne Rougé

I recently had the opportunity to travel to Crestone, CO, to participate in the gathering of thirteen crystal skulls on route to L.A. for a ceremony with thirteen elders from around the world. Their journey began in New York. They traveled to vortexes across the nation doing ceremonies along the way to activate these power points; Great Serpent Mound, Oh, the temples of Cahokia, Il, Crestone, Co, Sedona, Az, Blythe Intaglios, Ca, ending the journey with a ceremony on 11-11-11 in L.A., Ca.

This is a synopsis of the teachings that were shared.

11-11-11 represents the transformation of the physical into the Divine. Many believe the day to be an auspicious portal to assist in the evolution of consciousness. The ceremony was inspired by recently discovered authenticated codices, which illustrate ceremonies with crystal skulls. The energies accumulated during this recent journey will travel to three Maya sites including Chichén Itzá, Mexico, for a ceremony to be held at 11:11 am and 11:11 pm, 12/21/12.

The skulls are surfacing around the globe to give us cosmic knowledge, say many indigenous elders. Skulls represent the human mind and these skulls represent the evolution of consciousness. According to Grandmother Flordemayo, there were 52 original Maya crystal skulls that have been dispersed around the globe. The prophecies said they would be returned to share information about how to move through these changing times. Crystals are recorders of information. Computers are examples of crystals being used for this purpose in modern times. Hunbatz Men shared that they impart cosmic wisdom and amplify the light to humanity. These crystal skulls are the time-keepers and recorders of patterns. He said that we are moving beyond beliefs and behaviors to a more direct connection with all that is. Because we are on the verge of aligning with the galactic center, being mindful of this 26,000 year cycle reaching fruition is a powerful way to connect with the cosmos. It is not an overnight event. In fact, it takes 36 years to traverse through the galactic center.

He pointed out several aspects to help us focus on the return of the Divine Feminine. The Eagle and Condor Prophecies have been widely recognized, acted upon and actualized over the past 20 years. Now, the Middle Americas are joining to link the North and South with an emphasis on the snake, a symbol often associated with women. The symbol on the Mexican flag has the snake in the talons of a large bird. The snake is also associated with Kundalini energy. It is visualized as a sleeping snake at the base of the spine coiled three times. The release of Kundalini energy, when directed properly, leads to extremely profound mystical experience. It is believed that the Divine Feminine energy associated with the procession of the Equinox into Aquarius will awaken this dormant energy to raise the collective consciousness of the masses.

The number 13 is associated with the Divine Feminine. There are 13 moons in a year. Hunbatz Men noted that the Earth is closer to the moon right now and that ushers in the feminine
energies. The solar presence is associated with the masculine and is governed by a 23 day cycle. The moon is governed by a 29 day cycle. Women are in natural alignment with this energy because it governs the menstrual (moon time) cycle. Tuning into the 8 phases of the moon helps us to balance the energies of the sun and the moon.

The crystal skulls have a gender, which is determined by the shape of their eyes. If they are round they are feminine, square masculine and a combination of both represents androgyny.
Androgyny is the balance of yin/yang energy (active/passive, receptive/creative.) This balance will bring about a more harmonious way of being that will be reflected culturally.

One of the insights the skulls have revealed is how the human body reflects the cosmos. Hunbatz Men relays, “The memory of the mind is very brief, but the memories of the body are
complete.” The measurements of the human body are related to cosmic measurements. We are a matrix designed to pick up on cosmic cycles. There are 13 points of power in the human body: the joints of the ankles, knees, hips, wrists, elbow, shoulders and neck. The diameter of our planet is 13,000 miles. Earth, Gaia, when seen as a living being, has chakras and power  points as well that relate to the cosmos. Aligning with the center of the Galaxy will awaken the Kundalini energy of the Earth itself, thereby activating this latent energy in all life on the planet.

This shift will raise the frequency of the planet and the best way to ride the waves of contractions in this birthing process is to connect with the Earth as she makes the transition. Hunbatz Men said, “Our form is going to change in this process.” Already scientists are noticing changes in our DNA. Some say that the 97% of our DNA referred to as “Junk DNA” is going to be activated increasing our capacity to access the wisdom of the cosmos directly.

There are things you can do to prepare yourself for these changes:

Stay connected to your heart.

Eat organic foods, drink water and rest well or meditate.

Be aware of lay lines of energy in your area. They exist everywhere and can be detected by telluric currents. You can sense these currents through your feet.

Visit sacred sites and power points known as vortexes.

Sun gaze at dawn and dusk to activate the pineal gland.

Sit in caves and chant, hum, or tone.

Sit near running water to recalibrate the ions in your body.

Notice beauty around you. Beauty is the balance to chaos.

Advance your creativity by integrating it into your daily life.

Shed unnecessary and outdated belief systems that no longer serve you.

Turn your attention away from fear.

Drink nettle tea for adrenal support.

Talk with others about your experiences.