September 30, 2010

I left my house at 8:45 am on Tues 28th. It is now noon on Thurs 30th. I have hooked up with several Habitat volunteers and we are trying to retrieve lost luggage. Mine came through safely.

I am exhausted and in need of a bath and a bed. I am putting up prayers for a hot tub!
The trip was plagued by weather delays and a little turbulence. At one point it felt like bumper cars with clouds.

We had an 11hr lay over in Mumbia India. 2hrs were spent in a holding tank that was crowded and noisy. After that we had a nice lounge to stay in with comphie couches, food and drink. They had a shower in the men’s room, but not in the women’s. The penis is paramount everywhere in the world. So I played butch and took my chances. The shower had a door and no men were using the urinals when I exited. Whew!

I witnessed the shanty towns along the airport as we were taxing out of Mumbia. Little children watching in a doorway as the plane took off. It made me feel good about the service I will soon be providing.

Kathmandu was beautiful flying in. Green and mountainous. Already I am intrigued by the botany. Tiny pompus grass and black with purple headed grass on the run way. Can hardly wait to get into the country side.

The people are friendly and welcomed us with scarves. I am experiencing that blissfully disoriented, content-in- the-moment feeling of discovering a new place in the world.