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I am brushing against a prickly call for me to practice what I preach.

I am close to the edge again and nervous about how I will face all of my bills. Back into the rat race and nervously chewing at my tail. From every direction, my world is closing in around me.

I need to scoot some people out to the next ring in my swiftly tilting planet. Make a little space for sameness. The gravitational pull has already wrapped itself around almost everyone in my life carrying them like drifting dandelion seeds away from my world, yet tethered to my heart.

Can I be solitary? Can I release the tenderness of praise? The longing of my heart is to hold my breath and plunge into the depths of my emotions. Feel them fully without the escape of my primal nature. Without sex, or the pen or brush or chisel to express them. Will they fuse into silence when they collide?

I am reeling against the words “too much, again” Two many words this time and too much thinking. The words and emotions bump into one another. My keen mind, the flipper that sends the pinball spinning. The noise of the ricochet dinging clamors with the acceptance that true stillness is the only way to score at the next level. Can I overcome the reflex to keep the ball in motion?

I am chastised once again, turned away by the “too much” of my being.
Too much and Amazing! sharing the surface of the same coin.

Oh sweet knowing will you buoy me?
Winds of Providence lift me beyond limitation.
Great Gratitude, open my eyes to the cornucopia of being.
Longing for the Divine engulf me, swallow me whole
leaving no trace of the fear that it isn’t so.

Cell phones

Cell phones

The idea of planetary, personal and cultural evolution is irrefutable. It provides motivation for glimpsing into the past. The path of evolution is traceable illustrating the many junctures in the road to civilization while guiding the steps into the future. The internet, with its far reaching implications, is a huge catalyst for the progression of the shift. It is the rogue factor that destabilizes the status quo. 

The Post Modern world is full of chaos ripe for the next step in our journey as a species. Cell phones and WiFi connect even remote areas of the world, ushering in the information age. The bombardment of social awareness is overwhelming. Cell use is being driven by its practical application. A loved one can phone and find out what to pick up on their way out of town enroute to a remote village. Elders have the reassurance of being able to connect with a neighbor in the event of an injury or illness. Cell phone sales are sky rocketing in developing nations offering a short cut in the evolution of culture by shifting critical mass. Millions of people once separated by geographical location now have access to anything in the world with Blackberries and Iphones in hand.

Skype allows people from all over the world to be present via video cameras. It is practically free and the experience covers a much broader scope. Loved ones come to life with gestures, mannerisms and familiar voice quality. A parent can call home from just about anywhere and see his or her children snuggled in bed or romping like puppies. Skype technology engages the heart. Transference of coherence patterns knows no distance or time. Therapeutic use in a number of situations could create healing through heart entrainment. Skype also calls us to transparency in relationships as people can read our body language and its congruency. Ironing out details for international transactions done via Skype lessens the carbon footprint. Expert tutorials utilizing this technology transport the classroom to global proportions. The potential uses seem infinite.

Adaptability is essential to the process of evolution. The internet has expedited the process with its ever changing focus on ingenuity. It creates a tumbling down effect for out-dated consciousness as creativity and the imagination soar to new heights. The momentum of this change in energetics is immense. The Baby Boomers who were indoctrinated in overcrowded assembly-line conscious classrooms are now at the helm of change. Motivations beyond the Cold War, Capitalism and competition for resources are free to flourish. 

Access to free information is proliferating. Wikipedia, a free public service, gathers information from volunteers around the globe. Ten years after its inception it is 40 million users strong. Educational opportunities abound and are accessible in semi-remote areas via computers. Webinars, on line workshops and web conferences make knowledge accessible from the comfort of your own computer, enabling millions of people to access learning as a recreational activity. Free chat rooms engage people of all ages, ethnicity and economic status in self-selective groups adding cohesiveness to the collective consciousness. Social media link people to events of common purpose or interest and have become a powerful tool for boycotting and organizing events that gain visibility for a cause. Exposure creates expansion as our awareness assimilates new information. 

Globalization creates a forum where simple folk, like me, can contribute to the conversation. This empowers Agents of Cultural Change. New ways of “being” introduced by integral living, cultural creatives, and other cross-cultural communities are all bridges into a New World. The tributaries they traverse are our collective thinking. Web sites that compile and cross reference civic action and sites that encourage social investments serve as world-wide hubs to direct an evolutionary shift.

Rallying global interest in a cause is faster and more efficient. The threat of Environmental Degradation is depending on Global ingenuity to problem solve solutions for the ramifications of off shore drilling, deforestation, climate change and a host of other interrelated facets of this interconnected world. Global conference calls expand the conversation offering different vantage points from remote areas and evidence in the form of cell photos that give the world a clear view of what is truly happening in our environment. Activists from every corner of the world have joined the dialogue, dispelling the power of the media to manipulate our perceptions. In this way, the snake sheds its skin and the adaptability of the planet is self-actualized. 

Globalization presents exponential promise for change by honoring diversity. People interacting bring diversity of thought and experience to the forefront. Making adjustments and accommodations for differences also shifts the stalemate of egocentrism. Although social media carry the potential of facilitating hate groups like the KKK, child pornography and militant right wing religious zealots, the positive potential outweighs the less then desirable. We can navigate our attention away from the abhorrent aspects of society and add our input to creating a better world. The tipping point of on-line interests will determine what is valued in the 21st Century. 

Each individual has an opportunity at hand to participate in a global democracy of thought, social activism and socio-economic change. What we do matters and the ease with which we can make a contribution has never been greater. NOW is the time to join hands with like minded individuals to cross the river of change. With our hands linked, we can overcome the swift current of previous mis-creations and maladies of the modern world.

My desire is to uncover the diverse similarities of ancient beliefs before civilization invented the concept of conformity. My travels to seven different cultures are with the intention of integrating my own expansion and sharing it via spiritual transmission: visually, verbally and energetically. I am a Spiritual Warrior on the front line of a new way of being. My hope is to inspire you to step into your own expression of “Divine Pride.” 

All Creation is in a constant process of expansion and evolution. I believe we are at an apex of this evolution and at the edge of a huge leap forward for humanity. It is not the first time that human behavior shifted dramatically. Indeed, Galileo, the world is not flat. Envision Pope Paul V viewing the photos from the Hubble. Imagine the utter amazement of a prehistoric nomad seeing the results of cultivation. Reflect on the emancipation from the Dark Ages to the flourishing artistic expression of the Renaissance. People experiencing the Black Plague had difficulty seeing beyond the devastation of death. Can you envision the astonishment someone from that era might feel looking at modern medical understanding and technologies? Imagine the wonder of the transformation from agriculture with a scythe and digging tool to industrialization where machines perform unimaginable tasks. We get a sense of the vastness of these shifts as we look upon contemporary changes since the turn of the last Century. Who dreamed that we could put a jukebox into a 1″ device, or a computer into our portable phones? We can recognize the power of the information age as we witness the impact of globalization.

WHAT’S NEXT????????
The transition period is always nebulous and not easily defined as belief systems move to a new expression. The irony is that we create the next step by being able to imagine beyond the physical reality of today’s limitations. Major shifts in civilization parallel the progression of the Mayan Calendar These shifts are echoed in the prophecies of Egyptians, Hopi, Aborigine, and Inca. A New Age of Enlightenment is announced in all the major religions of the world. We are growing beyond the beliefs of the Newtonian Age and into the Quantum Age.


Conscious awareness.
The procession of the equinox into the Age of Aquarius
Embracing personal responsibility

Each of us contributes the quality of our own consciousness to the collective unconscious. Critical mass is what tips the scale and brings momentum for change. When we are able to live out the values of Aquarius, we will manifest a New Age. We cannot build this new world with hammers and cranes. It is the constructs of thought forms that bring the next evolutionary era into consensus reality. We are building the scaffolding with the manifestation of our conscious awareness. Simply becoming aware that we are aware and taking personal responsibility for our thoughts, emotions and actions is our contribution. Living our lives as a waking dream in which our higher self guides us is how we demonstrate mastery. The shift will be accomplished when the refined quality of meditative consciousness is applied to cutting up the vegetables, greeting the gas station attendant and assimilated into our livelihood.

We can benefit from ancient awareness. Those aspects of collective existence that have remained pressing spiritual questions throughout the many evolutionary transitions. We can look to the similarities of the “Quest for understanding” that transcend time as a guiding light into the unknown.


* Gratitude and reciprocity
* Intention and the power of prayer
* Cleansing physically and emotionally
* Healing ceremonies/ tools of the trade
* Ancestors and our relationship to mystery
* Holy days and seasonal calendars
* Chakras and the flow of energy